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  1. TekkenLord

    black myth wukong

    this is mind blowing. This puts dark souls to shame.
  2. TekkenLord

    What late gen PS4 games do you expect/want to see on PS5?

    ghost recon, blood borne, battlefield
  3. TekkenLord

    Your up-coming games!

    Marvel's Avengers Ghost of Tsushima Elden Ring Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time
  4. TekkenLord

    Days Gone – This World Comes For You On February 22, 2019(Release Date)

    i just realized that this game comes out on the same day as Anthem.
  5. TekkenLord

    PLAYSTATION Ghost Of Tsushima - 5 Things They Didn't Tell You At The Showcase

    Really looking forward to this game. It looks like Jin is becoming a ninja base on player style.
  6. TekkenLord

    PLAYSTATION Death Stranding - E3 2018 trailer (Kojima Productions)

    still have no idea what this game is all about.
  7. TekkenLord

    Battlefield V announced, live reveal set for May 23

    was hoping for modern day shooter, looks like i'll have to pass on this. WW3 and Insurgency sandstorm
  8. TekkenLord

    PLAYSTATION Sony Conference: June 11, 6 p.m. PT

    dying to see the game for Ghost of Tsushima
  9. TekkenLord

    The Division 2 Announced!

    hope it's way better than the first one
  10. TekkenLord

    What game have you put the most time into this gen?

    blood borne Sniper elite 4 witcher
  11. TekkenLord

    What's the game you feel disappointed the most?

    For Honor and The division
  12. TekkenLord

    The Division game play footage leaked in violation of NDA
  13. TekkenLord

    PS Home: No Man's Land Private Beta‏

    Just got this email about this game. Only have 1 code, really don't go into home so here's the code enjoy. Your voucher code is 3PE9-7AN8-67DC Please join us for a special load test event and play with the PlayStation®Home team on: Saturday, May 26th 2012 from 6:00pm - 8:00pm PT (9:00pm ET...
  14. TekkenLord

    Farcry beta code-only 1 code.

    Just pick up my Ghost recon:FW and Gamestope and they gave me this code. Really not interest in farcry 3 so if you are hype for this game here's the beta code. To input the code go to this website, the code must be redeem before 6/30/2012. Enjoy GEN-GN2A-DGT3-G5C2-CYFO
  15. TekkenLord

    Hitman Director on Killing Diana, Giant Chickens and Why Absolution is Built to Last
  16. TekkenLord

    Far Cry 3 multiplayer beta this summer
  17. TekkenLord

    Itagaki's Devil's Third Release Uncertain
  18. TekkenLord

    New Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer Mode Revealed [/INDENT]
  19. TekkenLord

    Do PS3 gamers appreciate art more than others?
  20. TekkenLord

    Black Ops 2's futuristic setting may land Activision in legal trouble