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  1. Admartian

    Does the OG PS4 support more than a 2TB HDD?

    Thread title above. Looking for a bigger HDD just for peace of mind and I like to have my library installed when possible.
  2. Admartian

    GTA 5 sp glitch (Patch 1.20 and above)

    Starting a new save on PS4 and want to just screw around and buy expensive stuff. Tried installing the game to before the glitches were patched but it automatically installs the latest version. Does anyone know of any that work post-latest patch!? :p Unless there's a way to install the game...
  3. Admartian

    Can someone explain tome Hitman Itro/Pre-order pack?

    If I get option a, do I automatically get access to option b?
  4. Admartian

    PS4 Auto-Download Issue (Errors CE-34568-6 & NW-31456-9)

    Issue: This has been recurring for the last few months or so - notably after an update (can't recall or pinpoint which updated may have caused this - if it were indeed the cause). I also have Auto-downloads, downloads/internet during sleep etc (all the settings) on. I am on NAT2 - connected...
  5. Admartian

    Did I just get spoiled On Fallout 4? (EDIT: Added PM)

    WARNING, LINK BELOW MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS Was reading the thread above and went throguh some comments and saw the reply to the above comment. here was the message below. IS THAT LEGIT? PM Me
  6. Admartian

    (Spoiler-Free Please) Arkham Knight: True/best ending requirements?

    Hey guys, playing through Batman: Arkham Knight, and heard that you need 100% the game to get the true/best ending. I've googled this but have been too scared to get spoiled (most of the results contain spoilers). So in bullet points, what exactly do you need to do? Side missions? AR...
  7. Admartian

    Mad Max reviews

    If/when they come please post them here and staff will update OP as necessary.
  8. Admartian

    Metro 2033 and Last Light - Endings

    Probably just me, or are these games harsh as to giving you 'bad' endings? I tried to not kill guys when the game allows, yet apparently I'm a terrible guy because I didn't explore every nook and cranny of each level (therefore not listening to each random NPC stories) and didn't strum a guitar...
  9. Admartian

    Help me choose a laptop!

    Budget, $1000NZD. Purpose, midend RTS gaming. Option 1 (Dell) Option 2 (HP) Option 1 has the...
  10. Admartian

    [OT] Football Manager Series: "I'll get you one day, Match-engine..."

    Guides & Links - has some good lists for free agents, wonderkids, etc - tips on fomrmations, player roles, positions etc - great place for tactic downloads (other than the steam workshop)...
  11. Admartian

    Your reddit thread of the day!

    Post any threads or comments that made you chuckle or find interesting. :) Today, for me it's "Hipsters of reddit, what exactly are you doing on your Mac at the coffee shop?" :applause:
  12. Admartian

    Valiant Hearts...

    Screw you! So furstrating. All the lore, the "morals" and the stories it's 'trying to teach' are lost behind a wall of vague, trying-to-be-hard-to-cool, puzzles and sections. Gave up reading all the extras etc due to this. Could've just made it simpla and about the experience rather than...
  13. Admartian

    Anyone being signed out of the PSN webstore (browser)?

    Trying to remote download CoD and buy SR4 but keep getting the message for being signed out.
  14. Admartian

    TIME photographer 'embedded' in TLOU Very interesting points. Something more games should consider?
  15. Admartian

    Transistor sold 600k copies Pretty neat if you ask me. Although I didn't play it at launch, I loved it when I played and finished it recently. It's skills system reminds me a lot of the materia system in FF7 with a theist. Highly recommended.
  16. Admartian

    PS4 Games Schedule - 2015 (Confirmed/Tentative Releases)

    January Citizens of Earth Resident Evil Remastered Saints Row IV: Re-Elected + Gat out of Hell Dying Light Grim Fandango Life is Strange: Episode 1 February Dragon Ball XenoVerse - February 26 (US) Evolve - February 10 (US/EU) Dead or Alive 5: Last Round - February 20 (US/EU) The Order...
  17. Admartian

    What does everyone think of Lords of the Fallen?

    From what I've seen and heard, it's like a more accessible Souls game. For those who are looking for something like that and ave played, how'd you find it? It's current;y on sale here on the NZ store.
  18. Admartian

    Full List of PS Now titles: 102 PS3 games currently available

    Some notables: - Shadow of the Colossus - Uncharted - GoW Ascension - Arkham City - TLOU - inFamous - ICO Full list here Pretty good list I reckon.
  19. Admartian

    From [email protected] to launching Nuclear warheads - and now Black holes... What's next, skynet? Pls no...
  20. Admartian

    "The Interview" has been pulled from release (damn you Sony/Blame Sony yadda yadda) Didn't think it was that serious. Apparently it is.