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    Tapatalk API

    I get this message when browsing the forum using Tapatalk 2: "The Tapatalk API has expired." Would you guys mind updating the API. I pretty much only have time to browse the forum on the phone and getting that...
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    "PS4 Announcement - Abridged Version" :lol: Pretty much what it was.
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    Globally hide font customization?

    I've noticed a trend where people changes their fonts when posting to look much different than the standard font for the forum. For some people it makes it difficult to speed read the forum since your eye must adapt to various different fonts and typefaces from post to post. Is there, or could...
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    Had to put down one of our dogs :(

    Today is not a great day for me. One of the dogs we have had to be put down due to muscular damage to one of his legs causing him to be unable to use it. He also had symptoms of osteoarthritis. The vet also suspected something else was going on since he had lost a lot of weight since the last...
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    2 hour crash course on the NWO

    In times like these where we have legislations like SOPA being considered, many people have a hard time understanding whats behind all this. What's the end game? I've often referenced (in many threads around here) the New World Order as to which I often credit for being behind modern politics...
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    Your best designed websites?

    What's the best designed sites on the Internet according to you? Here's my list: Daring Fireball Loop Insight Brooks Review It's astonishing to me how few websites are well designed, seems most care more about getting as many ads as possible onto their site. Thread...
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    Media Consolidation: The Illusion of Choice

    Frugal Dad Astute. If that doesn't make you wonder what's going on nothing will.
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    ‘Greater “Choice” for Wireless Access Point Owners’ from Google...

    Google Blog I rather do this: @Angry_Drunk Seriously, do they take crack at Google? Do humans work there?
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    Police tyranny dealing with OWS demonstrations.

    Some interesting stories: @NickKristof @BorowitzReport @twostraws @norock Welcome to the Fourth Reich. Isn't there something in the American constitution about the right to freely assemble? Wonder what happened to that. This is the New World Order at their finest folks.
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    The Arab Spring vs OWS and London Riots

    Does anyone else find the media and government officials extremely hypocritical when they salute and celebrate The Arab Spring while they condemn the Riots in London and the Occupy Wall Street movement? In my mind, it is the same thing - people around the globe are waking up in numbers the...
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    Need help identifying a Sinatra song.

    There's a specific version of Stormy Weather I really like: Link: I have the version that appears on his album "No One Cares" but I want the above version too, anyone know when it was recorded and...
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    HP to Spin Off PC dep. [WebOS dead-ish]

    Bloomberg WOW! Can you imagine HP getting out of the PC business? For us that have followed the industry for a long time this is unimaginable. EDIT: Here's the press release from HP where they confirm the rumors and that they'll kill WebOS and therefor their smartphone and tablet...
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    Google Buy Motorola

    Official Google blog post. Analysis from Dan Frommer: Pretty big deal, I guess this will be the end for some Android OEM's in the near future.
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    TSA Confiscates Pregnant Woman's Insulin

    Marc Stewart for 7News in Denver: The Denver Channel What the hell is wrong with the world?
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    [ATTN: Mr.B]Regarding the Privacy Policy and ToS of the site.

    Due to recent changes in regards to advertising I came to question how PSU sees it relationship with it's consumers in terms of what's their's and what's PSU's. So I took a closer look at the Privacy Policy which, to my knowledge, has not been updated after the site was bought by the current...
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    New ads in product names (even for subscribers), get rid of them.

    I just noticed, to my knowledge, a new ad behavior. In a product name the forum automatically ads a link to a product search. In the example case I provide (see below) the product spelled out is an iPhone 4 and clicking the name leads you, after some hoops via advertisers, to an eBay search for...
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    "How Google controls Android: digging deep into the Skyhook filings"

    An extract from the article This Is My Next Worth reading the whole thing, it's long with pictures and links so it's better to go to the article and read it on their site. Rubin needs to shut up about being "open", looks like a big hypocrite.
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    Install windows 7 oem on an old computer?

    So I've been spending a few hours trying to make sense of Microsofts license agreement for Windows 7 what I want to accomplish is to buy a Windows 7 license and install on a computer that's not new but is running Vista. Can I buy a OEM license and install it on this computer or what's the deal...
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    The server goes down roughly the same time each day?

    I've noticed around 9:00 my time (03:00 EST; 07:00 GMT) whole of PSU goes down, that is to say the whole domain and obviously then the forums. I don't know if this is an issue with PSU or my ISP though. Anyone else experienced it?
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    Cisco Kills The Flip.

    Yahoo Finance Shame thought it was a pretty good idea.