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    New amazing Ni no Kuni PS3 realtime video released

    Looks absolutely beautiful indeed. Best animated game to date. A few screen caps in the article.
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    Yakuza 4 to get “Kuro” and “Shiro” special editions in Europe (March 18th Release) Kuro (Black) Shiro (White) I like the look of the "Shiro Edition". Normal cover also looks awesome.
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    Catherine - Further gameplay info, Images + Trailer Trailer I think most of you all missed from this thread I posted a few days ago:
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    Catherine Cinematic Story Trailer (New 10th Jan)

    (720p Available) The part near the end where Katherine visits Vincent is great. :lol: Trailer also hints at multiple paths and options through the game. The devs did say the game will include multiple endings I believe. Edit: Article on the...
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    PSN Video Rental Questions

    I'm thinking about going for Inception. I'm torn between buying it in SD or renting it in HD. My questions are.. 1. If I buy it in SD can I copy the file to my mem stick and play it on other PS3's? 2. Whats SD quality like on a HDTV? 3. Whats to stop me from renting the HD version and...
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    FFXIII sequel now seems very likely

    Carrying on from HiddenMysts findings in this thread - Another hint from the novel (which is talks about all the events that take place as soon as the game ends)...
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    Resistance 3 Gameplay Premiere Trailer Atmosphere looks fantastic.
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    New Yakuza 4 trailer (come and check it out) This was really well made imo. Great improvement overall from the Yakuza 3 promotion campaign. :lol: @ the umbrella comment.
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    (spoilers) Released Heavy Rain and God of War 3 deleted content videos

    (Spoiler warning >> watch only if you have played the games) God of War 3 Heavy Rain I really like these types of dev videos. The Heavy Rain stuff was really interesting, explains an important...
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    Remember Ushiro anyone? (Level 5 game)

    Well you remember how the game disappeared of the radar for no reason. The PSP version was likely scrapped and its concept was most likely turned in to this 3DS game. proof -
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    Yakuza: Of The End 8min Gameplay Trailer (Yakuza + Zombies in Japan)

    This looks insanely fun :lol:
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    Atlus release Catherine opening movie Looking forward to the inevitable announcement for the Western release.
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    Post your favorite character music themes

    Some of mine that have recently come in to my head. Ventus theme - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Plays many times throughout the game and always makes the scene and character very memorable. Terra's theme - Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep...
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    EA responds to Bobby Kotick Please respond Kotick... this is entertaining stuff :lol:.
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    HD FF PS2 Trilogy would be glorious

    FFX, FFX-2 and FFXII (updated International versions or in FFXII's case the Zodiac version) -720p & 1080p support -60FPS -Dual audio -5.1 surround sound I know a lot of people who would repurchase it for the dual audio and 60fps options alone so if S-E do decide to do one, I hope they...
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    FF AgitoXIII TGS Trailer Leak Some quick glimpses of the world map and the Chocobo. Battle system looks like it might be an evolution of the Crisis Core version, looks very engaging.
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    VersusXIII has blood in gameplay Just a reminder of the mature direction the game is taking compared to the rest of the series. I remember some people on this board were discussing if this would be the first M rated FF game a while back.
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    Ni no kuni TGS Trailer

    SD Trailer!
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    Ni no kuni (Level 5 x Studio Ghibli) off screen gameplay -- stunning visuals This looks absolutely glorious. Makes up for WKC and a lack of Dark Cloud 3. Thanks Level 5.
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    Catherine TGS Trailer (Atlus - Persona team)

    New trailer! or watch it here - For anyone wondering who the long haired lady is - read this. + the first trailer for...