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    How the heck do you beat the Troll boss in Castlevania?

    I'm in the Bog or whatever and I'm fighting the boss.Now I beat him 4 times,but I do not understand how to finish him.What the heck am i suppose to do with those circles?
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    Help with PS3 HDD

    Ok so Friday night my 40gb PS3 died and I bought a new slim model the next day.Now I had previously replaced my 40gb HDD with a Seagate HDD.For some reason the new PS3 model will not recognize the Seagate HDD.I notice that the HDD in the PS3 is slightly different than the Seagate.I want to know...
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    PC Restore

    How can I restore my Dell Inspiron to it's factory setting when the partion is missing or not working? I tried the disk,but it does not work.
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    Great article about COD6 and AC2 I agree with everything Ben said.Especially about substance.Too bad I don't have any money to buy AC2,it looks great.
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    How is the PS3 selling in your area?

    So I just came back from Target and they only had two PS3s.They had a pile of Wiis stacked and a bunch of 360s (every model even the MW2 bundle).I remember when you could not find a Wii in stores and now there are enough to build a fort with.Looks like the improved marketing and new price...
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    Sony urges more JapanStudio production for PS3 About damn time,this was Sony's only weakness in software.
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    New info on GOW3/New Trailer coming I'll have to purchase a Gamepro mag for the first time in about 10 years.
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    Last Rebellion dated for January in Japan The RPG rush begins in 2010.
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    Zill O'll Coming to the US? If this is true,I hope this game is better than those Dynasty Warrior games.I am actually interested in this game.It looks mature.