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    inFamous question

    Hey guys. I got inFamous a few days ago and have been enjoying what it has to offer. I'm almost through the Neon District, and according to my map it looks like I've got 2 more large city districts to go. That could add up to alot of playtime, which is good. However, I'm starting to...
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    Let's talk about Dungeon Seige III

    There isn't much conversation going on about this game anywhere, and I'm looking to see what people think about what they've seen so far. I'm desperate for some RPG action. I hastily purchased Two Worlds II (TW2) in the hopes that I'd get my fix, but that was a big let-down. I had lowered...
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    Batman AA GOTY 3D Edition - Do you need a 3D tv to play this game?

    I was browsing for something new to play and I noticed the newest edtion of Batman Arkam Asylum is referred to as the GOTY 3D Edition. Does that mean I need a 3D tv to play the game; or can I play it without the 3D effect? I want the GOTY Edtion, but this 3D version is all I could find...
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    Two Worlds II - How would you rate it?

    How would you rate Two Worlds II? Let's say you were willing to accept a lower-standard for graphics, and storyline. As an RPG that provides deep character management, and a large world to explore, with tonnes of loot and enemies, and would you rate it based on that criteria...
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    EA bans Dragon Age 2 user from playing his own game

    A recent purchaser of Dragon Age 2 was shocked when he realized he couldn't play his game due to a Forum Ban he recieved on the Dragon Age 2 message boards. The player recieved a 72 hour ban from the Bioware social community, but not only did it prevent his from posting on the website, Ea...
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    This ever happen to you?

    It is a sad day. My Dead Space 2 disc is broken. :( It fit SUPER tight in the case for some reason (like the hole on the disc was too small, or the tab that holds it in the case was slightly too big). I guess the wear-and-tear of taking the disc in and out of the case a few times snapped...
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    What Game(s) are you currently playing & What's Next?

    I thought it would be fun for the community to share what everyone's playing right now. And what game do you have planned next? Currently Playing: Dead Space 2 (single player) You Don't Know Jack (multiplayer) Next: RDR Undead Nightmare (time to finish it off, after Dead Space 2)...
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    What Are You Listening To?

    Just wondering what's in everyone's playlist these days. Let the community know what you're listening to. Who knows, maybe you'll discover something new. So WAYLT?
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    Worst Cover Art of All Time (56K no way)

    Hey guys, I thought it would be fun if everyone wanted to post what they think are some of the worst cover art for video games ever. Here's a few stand-outs for me: Post pictures of what you think are the worst cover arts of all time.
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    IGN: You Don't Know Jack - 8.5/10

    Link: One of my most anticipated games of this gen has arrived, and it seems liek it was worth the wait. IGN's Greg Miller recently handed the game an impressive score of 8.5/10 I'm picking up my copy today. Anyone else picking this one up?
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    Let's Rate our PS3 Collections :)

    Rate my PS3 collection: 1942 Joint Strike Bomberman Ultra Cabela's North American Adventures COD Classic COD 4 COD MW2 COD [email protected] Castlevania Lords of Shadow Critter Crunch Demon's Souls Dragon Age Origins + Awakening Fallout 3 Fallout New Vegas Final Fantasy XIII God of War 3...