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  1. TAZ427

    PS5's remote's fast keys (Disney+, Netflix, Spotify and YouTube) - Remappable?

    Title says it all. Does anyone know if the PS5's remote's fast key's will be remappable to other Apps? I primarily use Amazon Prime Video and would much rather have that over YouTube or Spotify for a fast button which I doubt I'll use much on Console.
  2. TAZ427

    PSN, Qriocity, And SOE customers - Eligiblity for settlement benefits e-mail

    Did anyone else get this e-mail? Not sure if it's a scam as it came into my work e-mail and not my personal e-mail which I have associated w/ all my playstation stuff. Edit: Cut and paste doesn't show it as well, here's a snapshot of some of it, showing the e-mail address it came from
  3. TAZ427

    Dragon Age Noob

    I just started playing last night, put about 2hrs into it, got past the Demon Pride at the first major Rift. I failed on my first attempt. I did the drain rift, and then ran over to wail on the Demon Pride w/ my crew. Then a couple of demons get dumped in, I take them out and go back to...
  4. TAZ427

    Destiny Beta Picture Thread - Post your favorite Beta Pics here!!!

    The title says it all. This is a thread to share your various Destiny pics. I'll start it off with a Selfie sitting on top of the Post Office in the Tower w/ the City Behind and a Ship passing by.
  5. TAZ427

    Beta's back Live Early!!!

    FYI, I was browsing the news and saw it indicated Beta was back live as of about 4hrs ago. I checked on PS4, and yes, it's back on Early!!!
  6. TAZ427

    Keeping my Pre-Order of Destiny

    I was considering pulling my Destiny pre-order and waiting until Thanksgiving week, which I'll be taking off and playing a lot of games. (4th Thurs of Nov for those outside of US.) What changed my mind? Dragon Age: Inquisition got pushed back to the week before Thanksgiving. Looks like that's...
  7. TAZ427

    Destiny Beta is down until the 23rd

  8. TAZ427

    Beta Servers go down?

    Got dropped from the servers about 10min ago and can't get back in. Able to connect to PSN and internet, but can't get in right now. Also, does anyone know if the Beta is locked down to the 1 Crucible event and Earth? I can see the moon mission but it's still locked, wasn't sure if it was...
  9. TAZ427

    [SPOILER ALERT] Watch Dog Story Finally Poll: What did you do?

    Spoiler alert in the the title. If you haven't finished the main story, then don't read.
  10. TAZ427

    Warframe - Who's Playing? Any advise?

    I've probably got 12hrs+ or so in Warframe at the moment. Not quite to Mastery Rank 3 yet. Mastery Rank XP seem to come very slowly. I read a thread earlier on Update 11, and some people having problems getting past the pistol test for mastery rank 2. I thought I was going to have problems...
  11. TAZ427

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    Ok, I'm a day late on the Merry Christmas and a bit early on the Happy New Year, but I didn't see it posted and I wanted to make sure I spread some Holiday Cheer to my friends on PSU. So with that, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. -TAZ427
  12. TAZ427

    AC4 - Trophies not unlocking - Silence Fool & Business and Pleasure

    I've completed AC4 Story - I've unlocked all the offline Trophies except Silence Fool Y Business and Pleasure (and By the book - still got to go back and get 100% sync on a few missions.). I've probably earned > 500K Reales so 50K shouldn't be an issue (Last time I logged in it had me ranked...
  13. TAZ427

    Doctors Orders

    Ok, this might get shuffled over to the XBOX forum, but I thought it was worth posting here as it applies to all of us. [/FONT][/COLOR]
  14. TAZ427

    30 Day Free PS+ code that ships w/ PS4 doesn't stack.

    This was discussed a while ago w/ the $10, 30day PS+ and 30day Music Unlimited was announced to be tossed in w/ launch PS4s. I tried it and it said it wasn't valid - checked the numbers. I'm sure it's not valid for me because I already have a PS+ account even though it doesn't indicate it's...
  15. TAZ427

    Naughty Dog Announcements on SPIKE TV PS4 Live Show

    Ok, I'm watching this about 30mins time delayed - Had to watch my Colts beat the Titans first. Naughty Dog basically announced The Last of Us: Left Behind and the next Uncharted game - Video posted in this thread on the Uncharted Game. Really looking forward to both of these. Glad they're...
  16. TAZ427

    IGN's PS4 Unboxing - Colin Moriarty

    Video's only on IGN as far as I can tell on at the moment so I don't think it can be embedded. If I find it later on YouTube I'll embed the video. Shuhei's video was entertaining, but this is a bit more down to earth unboxing.
  17. TAZ427

    Five New Sony Playstation Videos

    Five New PS4 Related Video's from Sony - Enjoy.
  18. TAZ427

    PS4 Login w/ Face Recognition.

    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=Georgia] This is some great news, add to this the up to four players login, this will allow for different users to login separately w/o entering a password and keeping it somewhat secure.
  19. TAZ427

    Diablo 3 PC version to axe the auction house - March 2014
  20. TAZ427

    Good Article on Freemium / F2P gaming