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    Greatest ps2 case mod of all time!!!

    Jack Thompson would even laugh
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    DVD Player Remote Software Download?

    I have the PS2 remote and IR receiver but I need to find the software to install on friends PS2. Does anyone know where I can find the latest version, or any version for that matter. I am not sure which PS2 he has so the more answers the better.
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    XP on one drive win 7 on 2nd???

    I have winXP installed right now and I am wondering if I can install win7 on my second drive. cpu: intel core duo 2 ram: 4gb hds: sata (both) i figure i can switch the boot order in bios when I want to switch between the two os's so, does this sound plausible and if so can I even install...
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    SF IV Joystick makes my virtual panties wet I am sooo loving this already. I am going to save all my gift cards for this :lol:
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    Terminator: Salvation; New Terminators and Future World

    The more I see about this the more I am getting excited. Harvesters look crazy Screenshots come from the following video
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    Gears 2: Tacky gamers strike back for LBP Metacritic score

    I agree with this guy, how freakin lame can we get... Source:
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    Transformers 2 will have IMAX scenes

    Source Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! More reason to be excited IMO
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    Trash me please

    Never mind I just reset the settings and started over. So I got Uverse today and everything is going good so far. Went into my PS3 network settings and do custom setup. Now I did something wrong cuz when I went to test the connection it failed. But that is not my concern. This is my...
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    SHOCKER - Guess who stepped out of the closet

    Clay! I got nothing against gay people in the least, but I just think it is hilarious that this is news in any stretch of the word. Source
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    Save $150 on PS3 using Sony credit card Pretty damn good!
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    Digital TV switch question

    I got a question about next February's digital TV switch (in the U.S.) Will the change in signal save bandwidth for cable/fiber companies? If so, can we expect better HD signals (ie, less tiling & pixelation)? If not, can we expect worse HD signals?
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    Mitsi's 65' Laser TV priced finally

    Mitsubishi's 65' LaserVue 1080p rear-projection $7,000 Source Not bad I guess, but I was hoping for around 3 G's :lol:
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    Awesome article about the history of XBox issues Very very long but a lot of good info about management decisions that have help and hurt the 360 over come the PS. Crazy stuff. Source 1 Full article
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    SONY puts the final nail in the coffin! LOL

    Saw this on Gizmodo and cracked up! Source PWNED!!!
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    BADASS!!! - First Real Online Battle - US clan wins

    This is what we are all training for and is probably is going to be a huge part of future wars. Source
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    Generation Kill on HBO

    Anybody catch Generation Kill? What an awesome show, very unbiased in my opinion, just showed the soldiers side, which is what is the real story over there. Good decisions and bad decisions and the reasons they were made. Ed Burns (not the actor) and David Simon are maybe the 2 best creators...
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    Transformers BlurRay reviewed by HighDefDigest

    4.5 stars for Video 5 stars for Audio (Dolby TrueHD 5.1) I can't freaking wait, this review makes me drool for the movie. I have been waiting for so long and it is almost here. Woo hoo
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    Yahoo image people weak

    This is Yahoo's montage on their sports page Not terrible, but pretty bland and not very clean if you ask me. It just made me think how so many people here could have done a better job :lol:
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    Dream Team vs Redeem Team

    Which team is better, both are pretty epic. The OG Team no question if they were all in there prime but they were a little aged at the time, although Jordan was in his prime which is HUGE. The redeem team is pretty much all young and in their prime. This would probably be the most awesome...
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    Cuil - The latest Google killer

    Not a good start :lol: more info on Cuil for those interested