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  1. KungMartin90

    The Game Awards 17' Reactions Thread

    30 minutes left guys! Not sure if I'm alone in watching this live streamed, but thought I'd post this anyway. I'm really hoping to see some premiere gameplays, or at the very least some kickass trailers!
  2. KungMartin90

    Importance of Omega 3

    Hey guys. I've started on this new Omega 3 supplement, that's evidently a lot more effective than today's omega 3 capsule supplements. It comes in the form of liquid, and is mixed with some sort of acids that will improve the effect at which the body absorbs the omega 3. The reason I'm...
  3. KungMartin90

    TGS 2016 Trailers/Videos Thread

    Thought I'd open a thread for all trailers and videos that will surface these last few days during TGS. Realized it would be better to have one place for all of them. I'll start by posting the ones I've found so far. I'll keep updating with new ones. Anyone can post what they find. GAMEPLAY...
  4. KungMartin90

    Nioh TGS 16' Gameplay Trailer Looks pretty good.
  5. KungMartin90

    Days Gone, 12-minute gameplay

    Watch it before it gets taken down :D PS4 ftw.
  6. KungMartin90

    Why Kojima Productions Partnered With PlayStation Good watch.
  7. KungMartin90

    Hellblade gameplay trailer Underwhelming honestly, but looks decent enough.
  8. KungMartin90

    Kingdom Come Trailer Pretty awesome looking game. Reminds me of Chivalry but better animations and graphics :D Apparently they're showing more at E3.
  9. KungMartin90

    Mad Max Gameplay Overview Trailer

    Thought I'd post this since no one posted it yet. The graphics look really good actually (looks kinda like what RAGE promised - but never really delivered), and it looks like it could be a solid game.
  10. KungMartin90

    "Submerged" Announcement Trailer | PS4

    Looks pretty interesting
  11. KungMartin90

    "Wander" Trailer (CryEngine PS4 game)

    Never heard of this before. Not too sold yet.
  12. KungMartin90

    Batman Arkham Knight - Gotham is Mine [Trailer]

    New trailer from PS Looks really awesome. Not a lot of gameplay though.
  13. KungMartin90

    Uncharted 4 European Box Art?

    I found this on a Swedish website. Is it official? Because I can't find anything on the box art. Looks good to me. I like simple designs.
  14. KungMartin90

    What's your favourite MMORPG of all time? [images]

    I got all nostalgic and had to post images of this epic game :D Mine's Lineage 2 Best game evar. Your turn =)
  15. KungMartin90

    Batman Arkham Knight Gameplay Trailer

    I literally stumbled upon this a few seconds ago. I caught it one hour after it got posted (: Looks legit!
  16. KungMartin90

    More Uncharted 4 "Very soon" according to Evan Wells

    Article from GameCrate: Probably VGA 2014? I'm so excited :D
  17. KungMartin90

    Resident Evil Revelations 2 Gameplay Demo

    Thought I'd post this since no one else did. In my oppinion it looks okay as far as what I expect from an RE game. Disappointing graphcis and animation for next-gen, but I've seen worse.
  18. KungMartin90

    The Order 1886 Official GamesCom 14' Gameplay Trailer [Tesla Revealed] Haven't watched yet, thought I'd share. Totally excited :) Edit: All I can say is Dem Graphics.
  19. KungMartin90

    Uncharted 4 - Holy shit?

    Am I the only one who's impressed? Yes, the Order 1886 looks very good, but fml, Uncharted 4 looks almost like the CGI level quality used in blockbuster movies. I mean it looks so good I'm having a hard time believing the statement shown before the trailer. And graphics aside, everyone knows...
  20. KungMartin90

    Job Interview at Gamestop

    Hai guise. Just wanted to ask you guys for some recommendations or tips on what I should say/prepare for the interview. Something you think would improve my chances of getting the job. Any input much appreciated (=