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    The Illegal Dirt Bike Gangs of Baltimore

    I'm posting this while being in the #1 most violent city with over 100k people in it according to the FBI. It almost seems harmless, but I know there are those that go and cause all the trouble...
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    I need help with javascript/php!

    Hi guys, I'm trying to figure out how to parse results from one form into another form. I never learned php or javascript while in school, so I'm trying to learn it now. Specifically, what I am trying to do right now is display a list of checkboxes via html5 for the user to select, and then...
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    Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Is there anything the man couldn't do? :snicker
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    Can you spot it?

    Interested in seeing if anyone can spot it, and if so, give an explanation for it. This is just for fun. Edit: You may need to click on the picture. Its kind of small.
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    Monoprice Move Accessories < $12 each

    Has anyone tried this out yet? They have three different guns for less than $12. Submachine Gun Zapper Rifle Gun
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    Adding a 2nd HDD in a Laptop

    Okay so I will be adding a 2nd HDD in my Asus laptop (the original HDD actually since I upgrade the HDD already). In order for me to do this, I need to order a caddy that fits in the optical bay slot. Luckily for me, its one screw and its easy to pop out my optical drive. I have a dilemma...
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    Steam Sale - Batman:AA 75% off - $7.50

    It's only 7.50 on the US store.
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    How does one become good at vectors?

    As the title states, how does one become good at vectors? Information I would like to know includes where to start, what not to do, and links to tutorials that helped you all start out. My primary intent for this is to use it with web design, since I think its a valuable skill to have. I own a...
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    Need help coming up with a quote. (How much to charge)

    Hello PSU! I have been approached to update a website once a month with new content (some graphics, text, news, etc) and I have no idea how much to quote. Are they any here with experience doing this?
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    $100 Best Buy Gift Card with purchase of 160GB PS3 (US)

    I thought I would share this here, since, you know, I frequent this forum often. edit: I don't know if you need a different coupon or not.
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    The Lord of The Rings Blu-ray Extended Editions Releases on June 28th

    The date for this snuck up on me. I didn't see this posted so I thought I would let everyone know.
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    Video of Windows 8

    Its funny, because my desktop kind of looks like this already with the omnimo theme in rainmeter, but has no where near this functionality obviously. Source
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    Sony NGP to be more 'affordable' and less 'investment heavy'

    This news aligns itself with the rumors of the NGP being competitive in price with the 3DS.
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    Setting up a wireless network in a building constructed with concrete and cinderblock

    Like the title hints, I'm wandering if anyone has experience setting up a wireless network in a building that was constructed with concrete and cinderblock. I'm going to help set up a network in a church. I was thinking of having multiple access points throughout the building, but am not sure...
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    Write a 4 chords song to stardom!

    This is hilarious:
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    Snow class tomorrow!

    So I know how I flow may be a little cheesy yo, but here you go (click to make pictures bigger):
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    Need help/suggestions for remodeling room

    I am about to be remodeling and redoing my room after waiting nearly a year (or maybe its been two years?) for this to happen. I have everything out of my room except a couple shelfs and the bedframe. I'll probably be living here for a couple more years until after grad school (same university...
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    Did anyone else notice that in addition to Netflix and Hulu Plus support, the PS3 now also has Vudu? You get a free HD rental with the creation of an account. Its apparently been out for a couple weeks now.
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    Help me find a Software Failure to write about for my research paper.

    So basically I have to write a 10 page single space research paper on a software project failure for my software engineering II course. I just completed a research paper of the same length yesterday for a different course, and have a couple programs to do in the meantime. And a group project...
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    How do you add NFAs together? (theory of computation)

    If I want to add 2 NFAs together, how do I do that?