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    New Drive Club trailer
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    Does anyone know why neither system has 802.11ac?

    I know the standard is still pretty new but I wonder why it didn't make it to these consoles.
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    Man and woman with same name met through Facebook, getting married
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    God of War III is coming out this year
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    Street Fighter IV review Less than a week away.
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    Breaking bricks with his bare feet.

    YouTube - Brick Kicker(Breaks Brick With Toes)
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    HAWX challenges I assume that all of these won't be trophies. There are too many to list so follow the link.
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    Hideo Kojima's Hit List: Fifteen movies that influenced Metal Gear Solid. I have seen most of these and can remeber some similarities.
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    CES 2009: Prototype Impressions inFamous or Prototype, inFamous or Prototype, inFamous or Prototype.............
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    HAWX Hands-on I guess I'll give a chance :|
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    GamesRadar's Anti-Awards 2008 The Razzies of 2008.
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    Resident Evil 5 box art Follow the link.
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    God of War III Called 'Last Installment' I expect this game to conclude the God of War story line, but that doesn't mean they could do a prequel or side story.
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    The Youtube BlackOut So youtube is cracking down on videos with profanity and sexual content by automatically demoting them. Users are calling for a blackout starting Dec. 19th on...
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    White Knight Chronicles to Have Built-in SNS This sounds interesting.
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    Tomb Raider: Underworld Review The comments about the clipping, collision dectection and the camera worry me. Where are the trophies?:evil:
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    The secrets of Dead Space deciphered *SPOILERS* I didn't catch any of this stuff on my first playthrough.
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    Madden 2009: Player Progression

    Is it me, or does the player progression doesn't seem like it balance right. I have Brady Quinn it at QB it is only his third year and he didn't progress at all even though he had pretty good season. My starting Demetrius Williams (age 27)receiver lead the team in receptions, receiving yards...
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    Infamous Interview with Nate Fox IGN interviews Nate Fox about Infamous [B]
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    Silent Hill: Homecoming Hands-on IGN's preview of Silent Hill Homecoming