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    Sig & Avy request- ANYTHING revolving the colour green...

    can't be too hard, just throw in some cool effexts that have a graffiti tone to them also put the name pHeKz- there instead of E_E, in a graffiti font i'll offer whatever amount of SP, and mad propz :3 (respect) Thanks community! ^_^
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    PS3 HDD won't restore.

    My PS3 froze randomly, and when I went to restart it, the hard disk's file was corrupted, so I hit 'OK' when it asked me to restore. Waited as the green bar shot across the screen... my PS3 restarted itself. And the same question popped up on my screen: The system's hard disk file is corrupted...
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    The things ppl do to have good stats...

    YouTube- How x2LJ3x Does It (12 PS3s) Sad, really sad, omg idk wtf to say o,..,O
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    Yup, it's deadzor, what now? lol My warranty's long expired, so do I have to buy a new PS3? What do I do about the HDD, take it out? How do I fix it? I'm looking at some videos pn youtube, but I'm skeptical to rip open my PS3 looking for something that's probably not there. :?
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    Living photograph,

    True art, YouTube- Living Photograph: Chris with Teacup
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    Name songs that are better WITH cowbell!!

    Just post some songs that include a cowbell, making it sound better.... GO :d
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    Need A Clan banner 3,000sp +reps!!

    My KZ2/Mw2 clan is in talks with big gaming sponsers such as vVv Gaming, X30 Gaming, and Area 51 Gaming. So we need to look the part to impress We need a ****ing epic clan banner to rep ourselves. Here's the link to our site: The name is [vCx] Virtual Conflix, so be...
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    All Points Bulletin, (What GTA4 online should've been) I think this looks really fun, if it doesn't lag; the customization looks awesome too. Btw, anyone notice the rising of abbreviated game titles? Better for txtorz lol Anyway, I think if you could grab some friends, dress in pimpin' suits and...
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    Could someone make this in to an avy real quick plz?

    Just squeeze that so it can fits as my avatar please. :) I'll rep :DD
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    Commander in Chief... FINALLY!!!

    After playing this game since release, I finally reached the big 100,000. Got my third star, and feel great scaring the **** out of noobs :D Wish I got an exclusive gun though.. or at least a different character model. :?
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    Yes people, there is a website up to post your favourite collection of pictures of cats that look like hitler. I was instantly given the urge to post my hilarious pictures of cats that look like hitler when I say this... Seriously, who...
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    ROBOLEGS!!!! (from Japan) makes walking easier

    I don't get it, when was walking difficult?
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    Psycho Mall Walker :lol:
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    Japanese tranny music video (lolz)

    YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. I'm sorry but those Japanese are craazy, in a good way I laughed all the way through the video :lol:
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    YouTube - McRoll'd :lol:
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    White DS3?

    My current sixaxis is loaded with issues, so I'm planning to buy a new, sexy white DS3. Though I'm not sure if they have any for sale in US stores, so my question is... Does anyone know if retail stores in the US have white DS3s in stock? P&TY :D
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    Idiot Burglar Leaves behind cellphone pic

    Wow... I've seen some dumb **** before but this is impressive. Why would he do that? Is he aware that he's practically putting himself behind bars?
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    Falcon kicked a midget.

    FALCON KICK!!! I feel bad for all little people in the wrestling industry :( But this is hilarious :lol:
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    Cross-dressing Clown robs liquor store.

    I know.. WTF?! It's all in the link.
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    Very very good/annoying alarm clock.

    I loled at this one... Although annoying, it's damn efficient :lol: