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    TSA reveals Headline generator.

    Pretty cool.. huh?
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    Strange reptilian bird discovered in Mexico

    Lucky Mexico aren't under attack my a giant reptilian bird that is a Rathian!!
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    Rare Fire Tornado caught on film

    phenomenal happenings in Brazil, Sao Paulo. Luckily it didn't last long or there would be a lost of life.
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    Upgrading my pc, advice needed.

    Medion needs to be upgraded to enable me to have a better experience on the pc. It came with Win Vista Basic and its not the best today has it needs alot of RAM memory. Its something that I have no clue about really and would be really appreciated if anyone could help. Maplin is the closest to...
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    Man In Critical Condition After Eating Slug

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    Exciting news not only is Jim back but will include co-op all that I say that this will be a day one purchase!!!! :drool
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    Shocking discovery in randomers garden shed...

    YouTube- Alien Filmed In Garden Shed So people were interviewed,..
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    Raging Blast 2 revealed

    Well thats no surprise lets hope they'll fix a couple of problems of the previous game. - There'll be 90 characters likely movies or GT. If only the best of Dragonball were in the game than weaklings like Kid Gohan and Krillian. :lol: - It will expand on the Never before seen saga with copies...
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    Quest to know how Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce is.

    Hi all Anyone seen this in the UK or even played it? I have the PSP version I was wondering in what are the differences between the games. Should I spend £30+ which could have the same amount of content? :|
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    New collection announced for the Playstation Network!!

    Sony teams up with Rockin? Android to bring Japanese indie-style games to the PSN The screens look impressive looks like a must for me seeing they're like the legendary 2-D shooters of the 90s.
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    Developer Praises PSN For Unlimited Possibilities

    Rest at the link Hopefully the developer takes full advantage of this unlimited power. Better not waste it with a Unreal rip-off.
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    Gadget Show Like To Move It

    Some stuff about Move on some show on Five I believe? Sounds good Link also features a video
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    SSFIV Is The Last SFIV

    Link Sounds good to me can't wait for Super Street Fighter IV :smile:
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    Freekscape Annouced For Minis

    Finally a Mini that looks interesting. Its really a rare occasion looks set to be great and enjoyable platformer. Which I believe is missing on the minis store maybe the whole of PSN really. >>
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    Monster Hunter portable 3rd trailer!!

    I've just seen the new MHp3rd trailer of the Japanese PS store. Now I'm ever more excited for the psp version of Monster Hunter 3! YouTube- [PSP]Monster Hunter Portable 3rd ( Monster Hunter Freedom 3 ) Trailer
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    Ordering CDs from a online music store

    Which is the best site to order albums from bands like Rhapsody and Blind Guardian. Also can you use gift cards instead of a credit card?
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    Avatars of the forgotten lands

    Should we expect any more avatars? in March I really wish Sony would at least try and get some avatars every week maybe ones unrelated to gaming like the Heartgram of HIM or the M of Manowar.
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    8-bit METAL!!

    Great stuff its just done so well, reminds me of the NES YouTube- Children Of Bodom - Lake Bodom 8-bit YouTube- Children of Bodom - Hate Me 8 Bit Remix YouTube- Blind Guardian - Mirror Mirror (8-Bit Version) YouTube- Rhapsody - Emerald Sword 8-bit
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    Converting AAC to mp3

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place.. Whats the best program to convert AAC to mp3 for custom soundtracks on the PS3? +Rep
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    Pyromagic 2009

    Awesome vid YouTube- Międzynarodowy festiwal sztucznych ogni w Szczecinie- PYROMAGIC 2009