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    mortal kombat costum soundtrack ?

    how do u play costum soundtrack ?!!! tried playing music directly from the xmb didnt work looked through every menu didnt find anything :confused:
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    costum dynamic themes

    ok i dont know if im old or if its new but just found costum dynamic themes here and that awesome :D
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    assassins creed revelations suprised i havent seen a thread about this the words the fade in and out are written in arabic and it says altai ibn al ahad which is the name of the protagonist of AC1 so we might see him in this one :D
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    Alan wake for 3$ !!!!!!! full game download for 2.73$
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    sig avy request of THANE !

    HI ALL ! i would like a sig of THANE the assassin from mass effect 2 because i think he is super ****ing awesome !! rep and sp ofcourse no preferences .. just make it awesome ;) thanks
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    anybody got mass effect 2 yet ?

    if so did ur cerberus network code work fine ? because i cant ****in redeem it i got the game yesterday and tried it i thought maybe tomorrow because its the release date i just tried it and it didnt work :cry:
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    BioShock novel to arrive in March

    will get it for sure
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    vanquish costum soundtrack not working

    so i got vanquish and its written on the box that it has costum soundtrack but when i go to the xmb to play music it says music cannot be played during use of this game so WTF :confused:
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    do you think paul mccartney is dead ?

    we all heard about this theory so what do you believe was he replaced by a look a like ? i dont know if he is dead or not but seeing the subliminal messages and the clues is quite interesting this for example. they say it symbolizes a funeral walk paul being bare foot lennon wearing...
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    avy request

    hi can u make an avy out of this size about 300 x 300 sp and rep :D thanks
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    heavy rain dynamic theme (free download) just saw it works perfectly enjoy :D
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    Chinese workers build 15-story hotel in just six days :shock:
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    the most awesome picture you will ever see

    december cover of gameinformer
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    sig avy request !

    awesome banner want a sig out of this ! sp and rep of course thanks :D
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    uncharted 3 world of deceit ?! on
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    Spielberg Booking Halo Movie?

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    something freakyt (illuminati)

    take the word illuminati put it in backwards then put .com see what pops up quincedence ??
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    serj tankian avatar request

    plz rep and sp