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  1. arfi-gorgona-O

    Death Stranding - In-depth PS5 vs Nvidia & AMD PC - Performance Deep Dive (two videos!)

    NxGamers Ps5 versus PC 4k performance (same settings) And its complimentary video. Death Stranding: Aperitif - PS5 vs RTX2070S vs RTX2070oc vs RX5600XT
  2. arfi-gorgona-O

    Old car Audio decks/EQ/CD's for the 80-90s

    Hey guys i was wondering if anyone of you is interested in 90s audio card decks.I remember when i was a kid my uncle always had the best Pioneer decks in his car....These decks/EQ/CD's of this era really looked and sound amazing.... I'm in a search for some old Pioneer decks and EQ for my...
  3. arfi-gorgona-O

    Sony Housemarque Acquisition and Nixxes software

    Today Sony announced Housemarque Acquisition (and by accident Bluepoint acquisition too,but waiting for the official confirmation on this one)
  4. arfi-gorgona-O

    Inside Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart on PS5: The Insomniac Technology Breakdown

    Insomniac is talking to DF,a must see :)
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    Get a play station directly from Sony.PlayStation Direct has a queue! Go to the link!!

    mportant info: When countdown hits zero, you will be entered into the queue. Refreshing the page or having multiple queue tabs open will not affect your place in line. This page refreshes automatically. One console per person. Sadly, there are limited consoles available for...
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    IGN's Outriders PlayStation vs Xbox vs PC Performance Review (by NXGamer)

    Another in depth review by NxGamer.
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    Controller Battery drain issue.

    Guys yesterday i left the controller plugged in with the cable (on my PC) and today in the morning it was at 12% battery.Anyone else has these strange issues?Not sure why it drains teh battery when you have it on cable idle...But somehow it does.Not sure if its the same for Ps5 but i assume it...
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    NXGamer Nioh 1-2 remastered deep dive comparison Ps4/Pro/PC/PS5

    As usual NXGamer provides another high quality comparison.
  9. arfi-gorgona-O

    Control the next generation upgrade analysis from NXgamer (on IGN)

    As usual his analisys goes way deeper than any other.
  10. arfi-gorgona-O

    Control PS5 vs Xbox Series X Ray Tracing 'Benchmark' - Unlocked FPS In Photo Mode!

    There is a respectable 16% advantage on Avergae for Series x in unlocked RT Photo mode.I dont think we will see the real differences,with multiplatform games tho.1st party it where both systems will shine.
  11. arfi-gorgona-O

    Ps5 Faceplate customizations.

    You can say i'm crazy but....I love this Pink color on Ps5.I have seen some crazy customizations so far but i like this one most lol Pink and black is a very good match...Maybe dark orange also.You can post yours here if you did it.Or anything else that has to do with it.