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    Should I Get A Vita?

    Love my 3DS, but releases are starting to dry up, plus I feel looked down upon when I whip it out in public, So to those ends, a vita is a viable option. I'm planning on picking one up over the weekend.
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    Should I Get A Vita?

    Just did this, Thanks for the tip! And to everyone else, Which model is preferable?
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    Should I Get A Vita?

    Thank you so much! The amount of free stuff on first boot up is immense enough for me to dive in. So I think you pushed me over.
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    Should I Get A Vita?

    Is there a list somewhere with the total free games from PS+?
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    Should I Get A Vita?

    What is the ideal memory card size if I plan on going Digital only?
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    Should I Get A Vita?

    I've got some spare money coming (Enough for a vita or something of similar price, not for something like a gaming rig or something.) And I was wondering if people would recommend I pick one up. Pros - I like JRPGs. - I'm really interested in playing those PS1 classics. - Indies are fun. -...
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    What Happened Sony?

    Plus if you do want to upgrade the memory, its extremely cheap to do.
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    What Happened Sony?

    The 3DS has recognizable games on it that people want to play, that's why it's beating the crap out of the Vita.
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    Original Xbox Thread

    Anyone still have theirs? I've just found my cables and have been playing COD 2 for a few days.
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    Nintendo Legacy Consoles Thread.

    Hey everybody, I thought it would be cool to have a thread where we could share what old Consoles/Games we have and talk about whatever relating to them. I'm Currently in possession of a GBA SP, A DS lite, and a Wii (Now have a 3DSXL as well but thats not really a legacy console.) Anyway...
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    Target Hacked

    Apparently if you shopped at Target stores from the day of Black Friday until a few days ago, your number is probably compromised... Original Story...
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    Thinking about getting into PC gaming...

    Though i'm not completely sure how I would go about building it myself. (Which I would prefer to do.) So, is there a good resource out on the net where I would be able to see how to build a computer (Steps wise.) and what parts work best together and such? Thanks :D
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    Interesting 60 Minutes video on Amazon Completely unrelated but I saw like 2-3 PS4's in their distribution centers! :D
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    Fallout 4 Discussion

    Well… the site is beginning to look real for a few reasons. 1. The wide media coverage. 2. No action by Bethesda to shut it down. 3. A no comment from Bethesda on whether it is their site or not. 4. The new morse code's which would take time to code… Speaking of...
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    Standby or Completely off?

    I'm curious as to which is the recommended method.
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    Welcome To Current Gen!

    Feel's good to be here! :D
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    Housemarque: PS4 Is “Powerful Enough To Blow Your Pants off” Hmmmm... I might need a belt then...
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    Driveclub Night Driving Teaser