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    Madara Uchiha Sig Request

    Hi, Is anyone out there willing to make a Madara sig? Only text i would want on there would be "Fox" I have a couple of stocks that could be of use: Or just find a better stock if those...
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    Anime Sig/avy Request 10,000SP (Details inside)

    Hey all. Big anime fan and since i cant fit 4-5 of my favorite characters in one sig i guess i have to settle with one. Im looking for someone talented with sig making to hook me up with a sig of Zoro from "One Piece" or Jiro Mochizuki from "black blood brothers"...
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    Yu Yu Hakusho Sig/Avy Request 4000SP & +Rep

    I need a pro sig/avy that i can stick with for a good while. and what other than to choose my favorite anime of all time? 480 x 120 Yusuke Urameshi sig. Im not going to limit anybody so just do what you think looks best. 4000SP and + Rep to all attempts.
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    Sig&Avy Request 4kSP+Rep to all

    Its for Shino from Naruto Shipuuden I would like a theme of black/green or black/red Or what ever looks best I dont want to limit you so i hope it wont be hard at all to find a good pic to use. Text to be used: Fox or Kira in japanese or if you can you some fancy font. 4000sp and +Rep
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    Anybody With Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm

    I haven't heard a lot about it since it came out. How are you guys liking it? Is it what you expected?
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    Naruto: The Broken Bond Demo Impressions

    My God... I thought it could not get any better than naruto ultimate ninja storm but wow. The Graphics are INCREDIBLE I was impressed the combat was way better than I thought. And there are many combos you can do opposed to Nuns 6 combos. And you actually have to perform the jutsu instead of...
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    Help with 1680x1050 Monitor

    I have a PS3 and Xbox 360. Ps3 is HDMI and 360 is component it comes with. My monitors size is 16:10 I have two options I can choose from: 16x9 or Just Scan If I do Just Scan a game is native 720p will it strectch it to 1680x1050 or what?. are games okay with 1680x1050 on just scan(1:1 pixel...
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    PS3 Message Freezing

    I dont know if this is an old problem or what but for some reason when I try to send or reply to a message it freezes and I have to cut the PS3 on and off. What should I do?
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    Cant Decide: Fable 2 or Fallout 3?

    Wow... hard decision I was deciding for Fable 2 but OXM recently gave Fallout 3 A 10/10. But then people say that they are always off on their reviews. And its only 1 review. They both look good as hell. But its just a hard *** decision Fallout 3 Fable2 Which do you think is better and why?
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    I Got COD5 beta Code

    I willing to give it for some SP. I dont have Gold account
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    I need Hidan Sig+1k Sp

    I need a Signature and Avatar of Hidan from Naruto. I will give 1k SP in return. most likely black and red color scheme. maybe black red and gold.
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    I Need Help Deciding

    Between Fallout 3 or Fable 2 They are both going to be good I know it but ... I really cannot decide Can anybody help me?
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    I NEED AVvy aNd SIG

    I want an inuyasha avvy and sig ill give amount of points based on how good it is Min:500 Max:1300 and of course +Rep
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    PS3 And Monitor Please Help

    I want to know the answers to these questions about my Ps3 and a LCD Monitor because i need one because i cant afford a TV right now:DD: 1.Will it look as good as a HDTV would 2.Can I use digital cable to watch tv 3.Can I use a HDMI cable I use for my Samsung LCD TV or HDMI DVI 4.Are Monitors...
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    MGS4 First PS3 Game ..

    WOW About Time Someone Made Use of Blu-Ray disc MGS4 is the first game that uses a full 50GB dual layer Blu-Ray Disc And that means that obviously this Game couldnt Make it To The Xbox even if it tried I did not know...
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    HDTV For PS3

    i was lookign at this for my room im only 14 and my parents said i can get it for my brithday in July Is this any good?
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    Official Lost Odyssey Thread

    I am pending on whether to buy it or not i heard it was good and the graphics were great but i want to see what people who actually own it say
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    Games You Recommend?

    as most of you know i own both systems and choosing games is hell i only have Cod4 and AC for ps3 and Saints row. halo3. Oblivion. and DMC4 i am trying to decide from: Ninja Gaiden *ps3* Gears of War *xbox* Dynasty warriors 6*ps3* Uncharted*ps3* Heavenly Sword*ps3* BioShock*xbox* lost...
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    XBOX 360 help please

    I want to use my xbox to the fullest like fill it with music videos demos and best of all i need games but i dont know which games to get i need help deciding what i should get. can yall recommend a game and tell why?
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    How do you get xbl free

    i saw a thread where they did this email thing that gave them free xbl and you can do it however many times you want as long as it was from different email if its not like that how else?