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    Dusting off the old Vita

    Been about 2 or almost 2 full years since I last touched my Vita, the last game I bought was killzone Merc. Thinking of buying some new games, any suggestions?
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    I think Morpheus could be a flop.

    I heard the price is going to be around $300 to $400 and if that is the case, I just can't see this being successful and it will just end up being another flop from Sony. I had high hopes for this VR, but since I heard it will cost hundreds of dollars to own one, my interest was crushed. I don't...
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    PS4's party chat problem

    A friend of mine recently just received a ps4 for Christmas, we wanted to start up a party chat and for some reason it keeps kicking him out every 5 minutes or so, even his own party chats he still ends up getting kicked out. He said he looked and NAT was open. Any ideas?
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    Really Sony!

    You can watch The Interview on Xbox, but not on Playstation?
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    Loadout coming to PS4 (Exclusive)

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    Does nobody share on ps4?

    At least on my friends list of 45 people, I have yet to see any of my friends share a video or screenshots that pops up on "what's new". When I share a screenshot or video, it pops up on what's new. When I see those awesome sharing is caring videos from playstation, it shows people sharing and...
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    Today was the last day of the 30 day free plus so I had 14 days left on codes I have yet to used. (BF4, Killzone). When I tried to use one, It kept telling me invalided. I have not used them. Anybody had this problem lately? I'm trying to wait until the end of the month before I buy a year of...
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    Annoying PS+ problem

    Sometimes when somebody else use the secondary profile on my ps4, It says "Requires ps+" but yet mine works. We always had to log-out and log back in sometimes for it to work. Is this some kind of bug? It doesn't do it all the time. But still annoying.
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    Playstation Plus question on the Ps4

    How do you turn off auto-payment? I knew how on the ps3 but for some reason, I can't find it on the ps4.
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    PS4 apartment

    It's in france, I saw this video and thought I would share. Sorry if this is already posted. Update: Source
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    PS4 Destiny edition would be epic, if it was real.

    Sorry if this was already posted, but I thought this would be epic if real and I wanted to share it. So I haven't found anything confirming this was real yet, but cross your fingers.