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    Street Fighter IV E3 08 trailer

    Video of the new fighting system for SFIV....Its absolutely amazing similar to 3rd strike witch I like. Very happy SF fan indeed - Street Fighter IV - E3 2008: Trailer this game looks so awesome there new fighting engine is freaking sweat. As long its close the technical...
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    How long are rentals ?

    i have a question some of the contents only are in rentals witch i think its dumb. I rather purchase then rent the damn thing. I really want the Xamp lost memories Exclusive anime in HD but its only for rent. How long do u rent this titles for? I wish we can purchase and keep its pretty dumb to...
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    Does Many People have WARHAWK Booster Packs?

    Iam just wondering if alot of you still play Warhawk and have both booter packs? Since No MGO will be available till tomorrow and GTAIV coming out tuesday, I dont know if it will be worth it to buy the booster pack for warhawk do many of you have it and play it? is it worth it???? What do you...
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    Help Ps3 not working !!!

    Hey guys iam in need of help. I know for sure that my ps3 isnt broken hopefully. Well i brought my ps3 to a friends house and its not picking up a picture or sound. It was working fine from my house on my HDTV. BUt not working over here at my friends house on a regular RCA tv. Could that be the...
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    GH3 PS3 Guitar Issues with PS2 GH,GH2

    Ive recently bought GHIII, and ive also bought the GH, and GH 80's for the PS2. And i thought the guitar would work for the Ps2 version of the game. So does taht mean i have to buy a ps2 guitar and the converter ?? man iam so pissed i thought it would be compatible?? This is another issue the...
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    Problems transfering Vids Using Flash drive

    We all know that the 2.10 firmware came out today. So i decided to transfer some of my videos using a flash drive. I added some anime videos then i transfer them onto the ps3. When i go to play it theres only 5 sec. lengths for all the videos i had added. I dont know if its the ps3 or flash...
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    Backround DL while watching movies ?

    Hey guys, i have a question. It seems to me that when watching a blue-ray movie the backround DL doesnt seem to DL. I went to go DL the Kayne and Lynch Demo from the Europe PSN store and put in a Blue-ray movie and then after watching that movie the Demo was still at same percent it was when i...
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    Who Is buying Unreal Tournament 3 ?

    I was just wondering who is getting UT3 on Day one ? Well i just got back from gamestop reserving my copy due to the limited supplies i got to reserver it.
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    hori stick fighting 3 on PC ?

    Just wondering if anybody have this and got it to work on the ps3 ? well cuz my bro had bought knowing that the ps3 sixaxis controller works for his pc. And he bought the hori fighting stick 3 for ps3 to use on his pc, to play Street fighter 3rd strike on mame online. And is having issues to get...
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    Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTV ??

    Hi i was wondering if any of my fellow ps3forums members have the Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTV SK-32H240S ? and if you do is it a good choice ? hows the picture quality is it very riliable? and how does it function with the ps3 plz let me know. Because iam getting one tomorrow for a decent price...
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    Best Affordable 720p HDTV ???

    Yes its another person who needs help on buying a HDTV for my PS3 and 360. Iam absolutely a newb about HDTV. I dont noe much about them so iam in need of help. I was looking for some cheap 720p HDTV from 32 to 37 inch. I found some cheap ones but i dont noe if there worth it. I was looking...
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    HAZE Delayed ????

    i hope this aint true because i was really hoping for this game to come out;title;1
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    Why the lag for Monster Hunter 3, heres why

    Its coming to the wii.... i dont noe if they canned the ps3 version but hopefully not !!!!!!!!!!
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    what ever happen to Gran Turismo portable ?

    Its been a couple of years since the title was announce, iam wondering if anyone herd anything about it ? did they just canned the project ? To much hard work on GT5 maybe =) ?
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    OMFG i just got the ring of death

    yes as the title sez My stupid 360 died today. OMg it started freezing yesterday than today then the ring of death came on. OMG xbox u freaking suck, so what can i do about this how do i suppose on sending it in and getting it fix ? after it gets fix might want to trade it in and get a ps3