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    Reservoir Dogs Collectors Edition in cool packaging

    Reservoir Dogs also steps into the line of Blu-rays to get a collectors edition, but this one does it with style: Link This movie wasn't on my list of Blu-ray's to get, but after seeing this it's on the top of my list.
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    Any way to get the PS3 to play all dvd regions?

    As the title says, isn't there a way to force the PS3 to play dvd's from other regions?
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    Saints Row 2 story trailer - Saints Row 2 - Story Trailer After watching this trailer, I think this game got some good chances of turning out great.
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    New trailer of This Is Vegas I wish they would start telling us what this game is about other than just some random guy in Vegas.
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    Is jumping in shooting games important to you?

    Now that Guerrilla is adding a jump function in Killzone 2 because of gamers wanting it in the first Killzone, I'd like to know what others opinion about being able to jump in shooters are. If you wouldn't be able to jump in a game would you care about it? There are a lot of shooters out...
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    Fast Food: Ads vs. Reality

    Follow this link for the pics This reminds me of all the times I got dissapointed for getting my food, that instead of looking like the menu pic looks like a dead cat they picked up from the freeway.
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    7 Jobs That Are Better In Video Games Than In Real Life

    LINK Think of all the dissapointed kids that wants to be a plumber like Mario when they grow up and then finds out that you wont be able to jump on turtles. And yes I did make a search for it, so stop bitching if it has already been posted. Please.
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    Need help with Ipod

    6 months ago I bought a new Ipod, everything worked fine untill today. There's nothing wrong with the sound on it, but the screen seems a little weird. I don't know how to describe it so I took a pic. I hope someone knows the problem.
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    It finally happened! (Warhawk)

    I finally played a match in warhawk that I enjoyed today. Before I got the game I read all the members comments on this forum about how hard it is in the start. Well I didn't know they actually meant it:p When I first played I just joined the player ranked matches, I didn't really know the...
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    Faith and a .45 Debut trailer+preview

    Deadline Games has just released the first trailer for their new IP Faith and a .45 Trailer 1up Preview: LINK
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    Pics of all COD4 maps

    Just found a list of all the multi-player maps from COD4 with overview pics. Ambush Backlot Bloc Bog Countdown Crash Crossfire District Downpour Overgrown Pipeline Showdown Strike Vacant Wetwork All kindly borrowed from this thread
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    New EU commercial (not the circus one)

    I just saw a new PS3 commercial today, and it wasn't any of the weird ones that got nothing to do with the PS3. This one was just what a lot of the members in here has screamed for, first they show clips of Heavenly Sword then Ratchet & Clank, and at the end Uncharted and then the This Is...
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    Secret vehicle in Halo 3 revealed

    This must be the most awesome vehicle there is in Halo 3 even though it might be a little hard to see while in it:p Check the vehicle for yourselves in the video:
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    IGN Kane & Lynch Multiplayer hands-on (Sounds great) Sounds really great and original to me. A lot of teamwork is involved, but then again you can't trust your partners. If you're 4 friends playing with 4 other unknown players, then you could just kill the 4 other players, get more money, and still...
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    new ingame screenshots of Kane & Lynch It might not be the best graphics out there, but it's insane so many npc's there's on the screen at once.
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    Change language in Windows?

    So I just got myself a laptop, it's really great and all, but the problem is that Windows is on swedish, and I got no idea of how to change it, IF you can change it. Anyone knows the secret password to change it? And I got a little bonus question too. Since I'm going to use it for school...
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    Master Chief Becomes First Ever Videogame Character Immortalized in Wax

    Am I the only one thinking that other videogame figures should have had that place instead of Master Chief?
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    Bioshock update

    I had to download a patch/update for Bioshock today when I played it... But what did it do? I first thought it was the widescreen patch, but there wasn't any difference there, then maybe it could have been for the subtitles that are no where near the dialogue. But it wasn't that either...
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    Problem with 360. Now with pics

    This one is a little complicated to explain, but it started when I played the Call Of Juarez demo. It's the graphics that were... well, full of small dots or something like that, they weren't on the whole screen just random places, and sometimes I could see them though other stuff. Like the sun...
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    CTRL+ALT+DEL previews COD4 Beta

    A great read imo, makes me a lot more hyped about COD4's multi-player. I just wish I could have been in the beta..