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    PS Network I.D. problems

    Why in the world cant i register any network id that i try. i have tried at least 25 different ids and some that almost could not be replicated by anyone else. it just tells me that id can not be used try another. anyone else have this problem?
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    Thoughts On This Web Design

    I just got finished a rough draft of a website i'm designing for a company. The main content below the header will be modified and i still have to optimize the images as it probably loads a bit slow, but anyway i want to know your thoughts on this and what i should add or change about it...
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    New Design Squad Sig

    Unfortunately because of the size restrictions the admins are forcing on our sigs i had to make a new one. I will update this with more colors or upload the .psd, but untill then you can use this one.
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    [Update 3] Design Squad Signature (more colors)

    I keep track of all the different colors i'm making in here.
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    Vectored PS3 Interface

    Still working on this, but i just want some fresh ideas about it. I know that it looks a bit blurry because i resized it, but anyway just let me know what you think
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    Cheney's Got a Gun (DickHunt Version)
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    GT 500

    Something i'm too tired to finish.
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    do something with the text in your sig like this and it'll look alot better Edit: here you go i tried to flip the metalic style for you
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    May i ask why the file size for signatures is limited to 28kb? I mean if you think about it, the forums would still run smooth if everyone had a 100kb signature, but all i really want is the signature size upped to about 35-38kb. Would this really be a problem in anyone's eyes and if so, how?
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    StrikeMaster Ice.....

    for some reason my pm's aren't getting sent through, anyway here's something i did real quick for you. I'll keep the .psd for another day or two so if you want anything added or changed let me know.
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    Strict Rules?

    I'm just wondering if anyone else thinks the mods are a bit anal about the signature sizes around here? The sig below is 5 pixels to tall, because of the shadow it cast (width is fine). Now i don't get why it's such a problem if it is well below 28kb, and in absolutely no way does it conflict...
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    The DaVinci Code (Free Sig)

    I was bored and made this half-assed sig and don't want it, so if anyone wants it, take it.
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    I was just wondering what people thought about having a tutorial subforum. I'm sure it would help out alot of amatuers around here that are looking to improve their styles. I would probably be interested in making a few tutorials my self.
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    The Death of America (Photomanipulation)

    Ok, This originally was an old photomanipulation that i did, but i got the idea from the people magazine thread. So i updated it with a little different message (i'll leave the interpretation up to you). Anyway i added currosion to the skin, the American flag, the steel eyeball, the twin towers...
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    DualShock 2 Meets The Boomerang (Updated With New Features)

    Just something i did in photoshop real quick, taking characteristics from both controllers and added alittle extra. I'll update this with more descriptions and detail, also i'm working on a ps3 model. Anyway let me here your thoughts on this. edit: updated version
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    Young Snake vs. Old Snake

    I personally don't really have a problem with the older snake in mgs4, but i was bored and felt like giving this old man some botox. tell me what you think. This only took a few minutes
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    Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

    I've been thinking about buying the special edition when it comes out, but i haven't played 1 or 2. So my question is what am i missing in the storyline from the first 2 games. I don't plan on ever playing 1 or 2 so if anyone could sum up everything from the first 2 games it would be appreciated.
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    Am I The Only One....

    Am i the only one who hopes that the PS3 follows the same release pattern that both the ps1 and ps2 used?