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    Scorpion's back and...

    I just felt like showing people what I've been doing... I've been away for a while, but will soon get back to designing and taking requests. Just a little something for the current oil spill disaster going on now....
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    PSP - 3000 - Gran Turismo Edition!

    I normally keep all GT related stuff in the GT thread, but this is more related towards the PSP and Gamescom event... Source Just when I had my hope for the PSP Go, PD goes and does this... Although all it looks like it has is a GT logo, not sure If I would get this over the Go just for that:-|
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    New PSN Profile Card

    Ok... This should be in the design corner, Yet i put it here to get the best of all worlds, the trophy fanatics, PS3 gamers and the design minded folks8). Lets Get to it then! After looking at tonnes of new Profile card concepts on the web and complaining about half of them, I decided to...
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    Carbon Fiber PS3 Design

    Well April Fools is obviously over now... However This thread can continue on the topic of design, thoughts, what price you think PD would give this etc... I quickly made this add Using Corel, Im going to make some better Hi-res images with bundles and send to PD later on. Original Message
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    Simplicity Theme

    Hi guys, I decided to make a Theme after finding some cool icons and backgrounds (Meaning i didn't make them;)) I tried to keep it neat and simple, I always hate switching to my own wallpapers, and some themes either have icons that are too colorful, or don't match certain wallpapers or...
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    Official //Resident Evil 5// Thread **[UPDATE 08/02/09]**

    Welcome to the PS3Forums OFFICIAL Resdent Evil 5 Thread! -Discuss and Find NEW friends to Play Co-op -Learn about Updates and News! -Discuss Stages and Game problems with Fellow Fans and Gamers! -Learn About the Series!! (Cue cheesy voice) RESIDENT EVIL Series Profile: The Story...
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    Need Help with PSX game!!

    Hi guys, ive been at this for 6hours straight now, and I know how to mod PSP's and so on, and im good at this stuff... But, I got my GT game on my PC, and I have a EBOOT.PBP and Keys.Bin file created, I have popsloader on my psp, and used PSARdumper aswell for the old FW's... When i put the...
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    *SSHD New images or not!?*

    I just found these Images, and im pretty sure this is not posted... Look at them and spot all the differences from our current version:shock: Do you guys think this will be in an update?! New Images Found Notice How the ship is more life like, no more gold, the icons have...
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    Sig Battle: Stephan vs Scorpion

    Theme: Cars Prize: 1000sp stephancelmare360 ScorpionT16
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    The Air Motion Seat: Greatest Racing Cockpits Ever!

    YouTube - The best computer game accessory ever What do you guys think, This is one of the best ive seen, there is a ton of these types of seats, but i like this one the best!
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    Logitech introduces DF wireless steering wheel!

    Thought this was interseting, Though the G25 is much better! I would like to see how this does:neutral:
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    Official GT5/Prologue/Mobile Thread ■[UPDATE June 26th/09]■

    *P is for Premium Cars and S is for Standard cars Gran Turismo - Official Website Gran Turismo World - GT world - SONY Many Thanks thanks to Guys at GTPlanet for providing this information. Be sure to visit them!
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    GT5:P New Update Changes and Tips

    This is not like the other threads (stating changes mentioned by PD), this is to provide changes that polyphony did not mention as well as changes noticed by users and are CONFIRMED. Anything new noticed about the update, please use this thread ______________________________ UPDATING...
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    Top Gear on Gran Turismo TV for 0.99cents

    Source Well, I don't think the price is that bad at all, I just hope i can view content later on Under videos and don't have to always boot up the game, though i probably will. Gonna enjoy watching these! I hope they end up on the video store as well:p
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    Lotus Evora Screenshots in GT5 Prologue!

    Source this is great news! It shows the team at polyphony are working at giving us the very latest and best cars! I really hope we see some of these cars come as updates to the prologue, i just cant wait till 2010!
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    PS3 80Gb MGS4 Bundle available at BestBuy!*

    PS3 80Gb MGS4 Bundle available at BestBuy! Canada I came across this at their site, this is the Canadian one buy the way, must be at the US on aswell! and it states Limited Quantities! I remember when the Motor storm Limited quantities were out, i told my dad im gonna get one before they are...
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    Ferrari California in Gran Turismo 5, Video Included!

    This is a great video and i suggest watching it, the graphics look great! This is not real life footage, its in game. This video also brings hope that in the prologue we may see a future update with the car as well as nurburgring and Circuit De La Sarthe! I cant wait!!! The site for the Car...
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    GT5 Prologue UPDATED!!** Included Back-up Sheet

    This update is one that is really big, and i extremely look forward to it! Make my summer, once you start reading you will immediately realize why this game is worth buying now, aswell as the fact to why GT5 will be pushed to 2010, i dont mind if we get updates this big for the prologue, imagine...
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    GT Academy Competition Begins and Tournament Info**!

    Tournment Information source Huge GT fan, though am very disappointed this is not coming to NA, though who's to say I'm not going to try on my Europe Account!:-D
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    UPDATE: PlayTV!*

    Not sure if this has been posted, though which continents get PlayTV, The SONY website says there is a piece of hardware to use play TV required, and will release Jul-Sep 2008! Where will it release and for how much? Source...