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    IGN: Alone in the Dark US 3.5/10 eek

    Didnt see this posted but im kind of disappointed in seeing this. I might still gamefly it.
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    Anyone else pick up a new tv Black Friday?

    So as the title says, Did anyone else pick up a new TV black friday. I logged on thanksgiving morning and picked up the Black Friday Special at Best Buy for a 65" Mitsubishi 1080p DLP set :). It will be here Wednesday. Had to wait a few extra days, but worth it to not have to camp out for...
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    New Tv Day after Thanksgiving?

    With all the day after thanksgiving ads starting to flow in, is anyone else picking up a new tv?? I'm picking up the Mitsubishi 65" 1080p DLP from Best buy for 1499 :)
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    N64 Emulator

    What is a good emulator for the PSP. I have 3.52 M33-4. I am mainly looking to play Goldeneye, mario 64, zelda oot, and maybe mario kart
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    Rock band Achievements

    Does anyone else think these are kinda boring. Its all just beat the game and you have unlocked 90 % of them. Dont get me wrong, im still buying the game and am going to have a blast.
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    HDMI Question

    Ok, want to see if anyone has seen this. I finally got around to getting and HDMI cable for my 360. I hooked it up to my reciever which then routs it to the TV. My reciever cant read the the HDMI audio so i have to hook up the A/V cable to the 360 (after popping off the jacket on it). So i...
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    Orange Box in store?

    Anybody have any idea when the orange box is supposed to be in store? It says ships today, but no websites (eb games, amazon) have them in stock as of the moment. Ill have to call eb games later, but i was just curious.
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    Where do you work?

    So ive seen these on other forums but this one has a different audience so im interested in what everyone does that is on here. Seen alot of nice setups and just curious how you bring home the bread. Also post your age. I'll Start. I'm a financial analyst for Spirit aerosystems. We make alot...
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    I put my PS3 back in the box and taking it back ....

    .... to my car to move it to my new house :) We close on Tuesday on our brand new house :). I cant wait, going to finally have a yard for our dogs and room to store all my crap lol Ryan
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    Indigo Prophecy

    Yes, i know this is a PS2 game, but im running into a problem playing it on my PS3. Its an excellent game with an excellent story but after chapter 23 the game freezes. Its a known problem with this game. What i need is a Game Save that is either past that level (the bloody laundry stage) or...
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    Buying from UK PS Store in the US

    Hi, I am trying to buy Rub-o-Dub for my US ps3 from the UK ps store. I can get the demo fine but when i go to download the full game i have to purchase it obviously. I enter my credit card info but it wont let me change country to US so it declines my card saying billing info invalid. Is...
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    Got Motorstorm for free

    So i ordered my PS3 online with Resistance (well my fiance bought it). Got it last night and opened it up and was amazed when there was TWO copies of resistance in there. So this morning i went to eb games (i work in the mall) and talked to the guys there and they let me trade one of the...
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    Getting a PS3!!

    Well my fiance just told me she ordered me a PS3 and resistance for my bday :). Should be here next week. YEA!!! lol I think i game too much i now have PS3 360 w/ HD DVD Wii PS2 PSP DS x 2 lol Ryan