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  1. Cyrann

    MW3 Perks/Guns/Map leaked

    Forget the cover art, peep this: Info below for those who do not want to click to the blog: Alpha testing underway for MW3. Discuss. Sent from my EVO using Tapatalk
  2. Cyrann

    Nuketown 24/7

    I know many of you loathe the map, but for those that love it (like me)... peep the bottom of the CORE playlist. Nuketown the map and the only thing that changes is the game type. I missed it all day, until the last few games of the night...but it says for a limited time, so get your fill...
  3. Cyrann

    Call of Duty: Black Ops Callsign Generator

    Just thought some of you might want to see this: It's the first one I have seen... while it sucks that you have to manually enter updates, it's still pretty detailed for a first try. Enjoy.
  4. Cyrann

    Spider-man to grace Blu-ray!

    Good news for Spider-man fans: Source:
  5. Cyrann

    Congrats to the new MODS and SMC!

    Just to make sure everyone sees this and to give the first CONGRATS! Well deserved everyone! Cy
  6. Cyrann

    40 Giga-bits per second internet - WOW!

    This was a little crazy, oh and I WANT THAT!
  7. Cyrann

    Xbox 360 - NCAA 2008 Rosters - **NOW UP**

    Just wanted to let the 360 sports fans know that the rosters for NCAA 2008 are up and running for you guys courtesy of DT. I have been in a search for the PS3 version of the rosters, but have yet to find anything except a list of the top 25 teams. Oh well, hopes this helps someone... His site...
  8. Cyrann

    DIRECTV launches Sat-Go portable satellite TV system

    Are you kidding me :shock:! I want one: LINK That's pretty cheap if you already have direct TV... LINK
  9. Cyrann

    SOTW #31 in process - Shrek the 3rd! - Please VOTE!

    Please take the time and vote on one of the following sigs here: Our DS team and SOTW participants work hard on these contests, the least you could do is take 30 seconds out of your day and pick which one appeals to you the most! Thanks in...
  10. Cyrann

    A Little Easter Fun (56K sorry)

    In the sprit of the holiday, I wanted to wish everyone a Happy Easter and maybe provide a lauch: Happy Easter everyone! Sorry if they were corny, someone sent them to me in an email! Cyrann
  11. Cyrann

    First 500,000 get a copy of Casio Royal

    Looks like you guys got your wish!
  12. Cyrann

    **NEW** SIXAXIS Europe Commercial

    I had never seen this one: Check it out! I like it... Comments?
  13. Cyrann

    **New** Cell "Processing" Advert (Cup Stacking)

    Another great commercial, and wierd to boot: The link is below: What does everyone think of the edited version?
  14. Cyrann

    What is your *personal * attach rate?

    I'm curious what everyones Blu-Ray/HD-DVD movie attach rate it? For those of you that do not know what attach rate means (And im not trying to sound like a pompus jerk): In the simplest of terms, it means how many Blu-Ray or HD-DVD's have you personally purchased since you bought your hardware...
  15. Cyrann

    *NEW* LG player to complicate the war... * UPDATED 1/08/07 *

    The new dual disk has been talked about alot today, but I just found this: This may even be worse... Here it is...
  16. Cyrann

    Kutaragi Promises an Even more Expensive PS3!

    A new model of the PS3, already in the works... Oh man, * sigh *! I perosnally don't think it is 100% necissary, but then again! Anything you guys would want to see on it?
  17. Cyrann

    Sorry! Wrong Answer! (PS3 Contest Loser Video)

    Here is the video and the article below (Remember it is the X-mas season * sigh * ): See my view/comment below:
  18. Cyrann

    [Official]: Wii Accessory Problem/Malfunction and FIX/HELP Thread (12/19/06)

    This thread was approved by a MOD/SMC and was designed for all of us Wii owners that are a little nervous from the reports of problematic controllers and situations occuring from the Wii! I decided to gather the majority of the reported problems in a 56K freindly manner, to allow for out...
  19. Cyrann

    Do your part for X-mas/Charity (It's Simple/Fun/Fast...) ALMOST TO GOAL!

    If you visit this site you are able to create snow flakes in order to help charity... You can also look at or respond to others snow flakes... ITs pretty funny to see what people create... Take a look at flake: 3065684 3065700 My favorite yet: 3066858...
  20. Cyrann

    All Snapple Facts: (Post your Fav!/Add your own!)

    Snapple Facts: #1 A Goldfish's attention span is three seconds #2 Animals that lay eggs don't have belly buttons #3 Beavers can hold their breathe for 45 minutes under water #4 Slugs have 4 noses #5 Camels have 3 eyelids #6 A honey bee can fly at 15mph #7 A queen bee can lay 800-1500 eggs...