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  1. ps3isawesome

    Thanks for all the good times its hard to express but just know you made a difference in my life :)

    Thanks for all the good times its hard to express but just know you made a difference in my life :)
  2. ps3isawesome

    [OT] Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    I feel like I will regret not playing sekiro, the problem is I know I dont have the patience required to beat the game :cry:
  3. ps3isawesome

    [OT] Cyberpunk 2077

    Reply bump - Its also one of my most anticipated games since no mans sky ( and we all know how that turned out at launch before the patches :X)
  4. ps3isawesome

    [OT] Watch Dogs: Legion

    Ive honestly enjoyed every watch dogs game so far. The quirky characteristics of the playable characters fit pretty well, and gave a decent departure from one another for who you play as.
  5. ps3isawesome

    [OT] PlayStation 5 - PS5 Specs, Price, Launch Games, Accessories, And More!

    I would like to purchase a ps5 after I completely skipped the ps4 generation but it looks like there is no guaranteed way I will succeed
  6. ps3isawesome

    [OT] Cyberpunk 2077

    It definitely makes me bit doubtful of the fully released game but there is pretty much no chance I dont buy it
  7. ps3isawesome

    Free Puppies

    April fools :snicker
  8. ps3isawesome

    Time devoted to playing Vita compared to PS3.

    I see no lolz in this thread Blu. I are disappoint:x
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    Mission Success

  10. ps3isawesome

    Publishers are last obstacle for Borderlands 2 on Vita

    Open world game like that to play anytime? Yes please
  11. ps3isawesome

    The Best GRIP accessory for your vita

    Only 15? Thats amazing! I might get this and Im not even getting a vita because its such an awesome deal :D
  12. ps3isawesome

    Me posting a naked item

    Can you not preview threads without clicking on them or is it just me?
  13. ps3isawesome

    Wipeout 2048 Demo (video)

    The AR ships look pretty cool :)
  14. ps3isawesome

    "Your Password has expired"

    I had no idea passwords expired here until now :lol:
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    Spyware from ads?

    Every once in awhile I will get a red screen stating there might be spyware from certain sites when visiting here. Im not sure if the ads are somehow making the notice popup but It doesnt seem to safe :\
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    New Ad Type?

    I just got a full page ad while going to another link in the forum. Is this going to be common now?
  17. ps3isawesome

    New Toy Story 3 Trailer

    Here it is. Clicky Looks interesting :p