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  1. Theft

    SOTW #106 Freestyle!

    Well it's been a nice break, but it's time to get back to work people! Theme: Freestyle! Theme Rules: N/A Size: Within reason please. Rules are crystal clear, no exceptions. Post sigs in the thread. Prize: Your most wildest dream. (As long as it doesn't involve me.) Due Date: At 10:30AM CST...
  2. Theft

    SOTW'S Return on AUGUST 2nd!

    Well it was a nice break, I played too much WoW.... Got to level 80 in a month and a week...ANYHOO. Check back here per usual to see what the SOTW Theme will be and we will start rocking them out weekly! -MGNT
  3. Theft

    SOTW #105 E3 Surprise! VOTING!

    A decent turnout with a bit of variety. Enjoy! Kingpin326 chelseapaul Theft FonFahbre C-Carcharias MAJOR1234 falconsfan07 Kxizm MentallyCritical Dave-The-Rave
  4. Theft

    SOTW #105 E3 Surprise!

    This one should be interesting and creative as well. What do you think or want to be shown at E3? Theme: E3 Surprise Theme Rules: It can be an announced/unannounced game or something you think/want to be shown. Size: Within reason please. Rules are crystal clear, no exceptions. Post...
  5. Theft

    SOTW #104 Alan Wake vs Red Dead Redemption VOTING!

    I should really stop buying soo many games and just finish the ones I have... and my friends want me to start playing WoW again.... :( But I have no idea why I am sharing that with you all.... Here is the list to vote on for this week! MentallyCritical Kxizm chelseapaul...
  6. Theft

    SOTW #104 Alan Wake vs Red Dead Redemption

    Take your pick at awesomeness in the form of a creepy story or a bad *** western. Theme: Alan Wake vs Red Dead Redemption Theme Rules: Must be one of the two games. Size: Within reason please. Rules are crystal clear, no exceptions. Post sigs in the thread. Prize: A cookie. Due Date: At...
  7. Theft

    My New Wallpaper!

    Changed the color of the effects on her legs.
  8. Theft

    SOTW #103 Lyrics VOTING

    I am very glad that people participated in this one, some good songs too! spyrde Theft falconsfan07 C-Carcharias golgotha9 Kxizm chelseapaul Mechwarrior3 Faten joeold
  9. Theft

    League Of Legends

    Anyone else play it? If not is 5v5 or 3v3 pvp with over 45 characters to choose from and it's free to play! I have been playing for about 7 months now and I love it. If you have not signed up for it and are interested in playing it please refer me by using this link...
  10. Theft

    SOTW #103 Lyrics

    Everyone has to have some favorite lyrics of a current/past song. Use the lyrics in your sig with how you would interpret them. Theme: Lyrics Theme Rules: The lyrics you choose must be in the signature. Size: Within reason please. Rules are crystal clear, no exceptions. Post sigs in the...
  11. Theft

    SOTW #102 Summer Movies! VOTING

    So Summer is upon us, which means it's going to get ungodly hot for most of us it, so what better way to spend the Summer then go to the movies! Here are the entries for this weeks competition. Side note though, I am very surprised to see only 2 entries for Ironman. THANK GOD! PS3D...
  12. Theft

    ***SOTW #101 Photoshop/GIMP Yourself VOTING!***

    Show your support by voting at this link! Thank you!
  13. Theft

    SOTW #102 Summer Movies!

    It's time for Summer, and that means AWESOME MOVIES TIME! Show what movie you are most looking forward to! Theme: Summer Movies! Theme Rules: Has to be a Summer movie. Let's say from May to August. Size: Within reason please. Rules are crystal clear, no exceptions. Post sigs in the...
  14. Theft

    SOTW #101 Photoshop/GIMP Yourself VOTING!

    Not as popular as the previous SOTW's.. Hmm, maybe people are just shy... or either they don't really care... Haha. Theft golgotha9 FonFahbre Kingpin326
  15. Theft

    SOTW #101 Photoshop/GIMP Yourself!

    So this should be interesting. Photoshopping yourself into a picture, oh man the possibilities. MAKE IT HAPPEN PEOPLE. Also, since this was late getting put up I have extended the due date from the normal Sunday time to Monday for this entry only! Theme: Photoshop/GIMP Yourself! Theme Rules...
  16. Theft

    ***SOTW #100 Freeeestyle Voting!***

    We have just hit the big 100 for SOTW's and would like everyone to vote. So please click on this LINK and show your support! -MGNT
  17. Theft

    Sotw #100 freeeeeeeeeeeeeeestyle! Voting

    It only took me about 30 minutes to sift through the thread to get all of the entries for this week. TONS of entries, even from new people that I have never heard of. (That is good btw.) Also seeing as there is a ton of entries, I am going to keep voting open for an extra day. Here are the...
  18. Theft

    Funny Article.

  19. Theft

    Sotw #100 freeeeeeeeeeeeeeestyle!

    I don't know how we lasted this long with the SOTW's, oh yeah it's because of you guys! Congrats to everyone on the good work to help us make it to 100 and beyond. And what better way to do the ol 100 then it be a freestyle competition. Theme: FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEESTYLE! Theme Rules: It's 100, I...
  20. Theft

    SOTW #99 Metal Gear VOTING!

    Arkano5 MentallyCritical Kyaw Dave-The-Rave FonFahbre Formula Kingpin326 Firefox C-Carcharias spyrde FinalReaper golgotha9 PS3D