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    Kelly Brooke to pose for Playboy ... the world makes sense again!

    source: i'll be queing up for this release!! A great example of a curvacious British beauty!! :drool
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    3D firmware update coming in June just got a blog post about it! My TV doesn't support 3D and i can't afford a new TV that does so dosen't interest me too much but thought some of you may like the news ... bad news about Blu Ray 3D though!
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    Would German Rock Band hardware work in UK

    Basically tempted by Rock Band and would be after the Band in a Box package, then i thought why not look on as i've bought loads of stuff of their before and they have got this: Rock Band: Hardware Bundle: Playstation 2: Games just wanted to ask the sage's of PSU to make...
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    Rage Against The Machine for Xmas #1

    balls to x-factor i say, lets get this happening! don't buy your copy until Monday the 14th though!!
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    Amazon PSN Store Seems you can now buy PSN stuff straight from Amazon and receive a download code via email to go...
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    Final Fantasy Trophy ideas past&present!?

    So with the upcoming FFXIII Nova series coming and, hopefully to EU/NA shores, FFVII on PSN. I was wondering: a) will there be trophies for the FFXIII series? and b) what would you want them to be like and gained for? Me for example, when i think back there could be some really funny ones...
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    Final Fantasy Versus XIII pre-orders I think shopto have either mastered the art of time travel or have made a version themselves ... either way, great way to earn a free £3 in your shopto account! :D
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    Code displaying differently in IE7 and FF3

    Hey guys, a little cheeky request but does anyone know why this is happening. following site: if run in FF2, FF3, Safari the company logo and Subscribe/Request links are displayed fine but in IE7 (and only recently) that header include is now displaying...