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    The agency is cancelled

    According to IGN the agency is cancelled. 3 studios closed, 205 positions cut.
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    Infraction for Instant Perma-Ban

    User: Infraction: Instant Perma-Ban Points: 25 Administrative Note: Advertiser Spam Message to User:
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    Sony Responds to Linux lawsuits

    This is exactly how I imagined they would respond.
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    3D Dot Heroes Webage.

    Very humorous. Go to the website watch the trailer. I thought the obvious double entendre gives a clue of how they are going to set the tone of this title. I am looking forward to this title. Anyone else?
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    Switching Discs are a Pain?

    Ok. I am pre ordered my copy of ME2 along time ago. I was confident in this great game and then I saw the Ars review which made stop and think. I know this subject has been discussed in many different ways, but this time...
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    Japan Sales 12/07 - 12/13

    [Source: Media Create] Modern Warfare 2 is actually number 3 in software sales for that period, selling over 91K. Since when were the japanese into first person shooters?
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    Film Fresh for the PS3

    Finally, one of the reasons for Divx certification on the PS3. I was invited to Film Fresh Apparently you can purchase films in Divx format and then play them on your PS3 as long as its registered. Don't know how? They give instructions here...
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    Racism still alive? It is a shame. But something I found out was still a serious issue while in college. Whites vs blacks and blacks vs whites are still hot issues in certain parts of the country. I find it sad. I was...
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    Tech behind Motion Plus

    YouTube - Wii MotionPlus and AiLive's LiveMove 2 I really didn't know that the accessoryy provided 1:1 movement. Once I did more research I became happy about the Wii again. I hope the next Zelda uses this tech.
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    Sony ads Livemove 2 to PS3 SDK Examples of livemove 2 with Wii Plus YouTube - Wii MotionPlus and AiLive's LiveMove 2
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    PSP Go: Sony may have confused hardware for service I guess this is for all those arguing about the price of the go. Don't worry about it. Just let us see if we can get these games digitally.
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    Crimson Gem Saga Reviews (added meta)

    I was looking for some reviews seeing as how I wanted to purchase the game. Things were silent though (odd) so I decided to search for em. The reviews I have found so far. Gamespot: 5/10 Gamepro: 4/5...
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    Monster Hunter Demo on PSN Today There are two videos you can view on blog. I am glad they did this because I only found out the awesomeness of Monster hunter after hands on experience. This should help introduce the game to more people. EDIT...
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    ars Technica: Infamous Verdict
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    The Real Lead Platform?

    From Gamasutra: I really don't seem to understand gamers reasoning nowadays. Just like with assassins creed people assumed DMC4 was developed on the PS3 first. As you can see it was really for the PC. This wouldn't be a surprise...
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    Theme Creation Help

    I know this was just released but already I see great interest in the people wanting to create there themes. Thanks to brent and his Gunlager blog we were able to get some basic information about how the P3tcompiler works. I...
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    Theme Creation Help

    I don't know how duplicat got created mods please delete this one.
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    PSP is not much better than PS1?

    I earlier came across some threads in which people were comparing the PSP's power to the PS2. Some people spoke about the PSP as if it was a PS1.5. I was playing Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and i could not for the life of me see how it can e compared to a PS1 game. Have people forgotten how PS1...
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    PS3 sales arguement.

    I thread was opened earlier about the PS3 having a 6 million install base and it was quickly refuted then closed. Doing a quick research I found this on another thread: Worldwide numbers 360 Australia - 195,056 Europe - 3,000,000 Japan - 397,824 Canada - 403,500 US - 5,780,000 TOTAL -...