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    Hyper speed or cheaters?

    I was in a single player race and one particular track had 4 average speed face-offs One member had a speed of... 10679.4KM/H Other Face-Offs ranged from 3402 to 4054KM/H Are the unlockable cars at higher levels that f'ing fast or am I facing off cheaters? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Oculus acquired by Facebook

    From the horses mouth himself Good thing? Bad thing? Share your thoughts below! (not sure if this belonged in Other gaming or tech, move at your discretion)
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    Password reset

    Fix your shit Squenix... Secure your fucking servers better. Had to change my password 4 times in the past month, getting really frustrated with the fucking "suspicious activities" password reset message crap! /rant
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    And then there was 10!

    Just got out of the OR with my 10th kid. 6lbs 11oz, 18" Both mommy and daddy are ok for now, until he turns 2 I guess. Oh, baby is doing good too!! 5 boys, 5 girls.. I'm closing shop so Lethal has a chance to catch up! Sent from my C6506 using Tapatalk
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    Blu-ray movies OK, games, not so

    Odd problem with my ps3. At first I was getting freezing issues with games so i figured I'd change my HDD (old one was getting full anyway) updated everything, cleaned out my vents, replaced thermal paste, cleaned optics... The work!!! Put a game in (clean, not scratched, not warped) gets stuck...
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    The last of us Grrrrrlitch!!! Joel and Tommy can fly!!!

    So I started this New game plus in Survivor mode last night and got this glitch... I started a new game plus after patch 1.02 and this is what happens. The game just shuts down after Tommy and Joel appear to be sitting in thin...
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    So I got some news!!!

    Wifey comes in the bedroom Saturday morning to wake me up and tells me there is a So.... Wait, I can't actually put 10 in... What if they were twins?!?! We (she) are due out in February! If one of you personally know some big cheese at GM or Ford, a 12 passenger...
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    PS4 full specs

    These are current official specs that can be found in this SCEI document More details about the Camera and controller Camera and controller details It appears all rumors on the specs were true. I'm looking forward to see the actual hardware and try all those new features.
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    Firmware 2.05 now live!

    Just got on my Vita and a FW update was requested. I didn't get far along into it to see what was added. My Vita is frozen, I can't even power it off! EDIT: hard reboot, the software is now updating.
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    Oprah uses her iPad to tell us how much she loves the Surface

    hahaha, FAIL!!! I guess she loves it for "others" only!!!
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    Where did the rep button go to?!?!?!

    The thread title is pretty clear, I can no longer see it anywhere... I'm using Firefox 13.0.1
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    FW 1.67 is out now!!!

    Clocks in at 97mb. Currently downloading it will fiddle around to find out what's new once it's done. EDIT: Facebook app also has an update 1.01 -Page support -photo tags -support of all system language -Upload photo on News feed and wall Not sure if the FB update is independant or FW related
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    October DLC dated and detailed.

    sauce/ SPA track!!! Cart tracks at night look nice
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    Spec 2 is now live!!!

    Just popped in my GT5 copy and was greeted with the update 2.00 message. Download clocks in at 1192mb.
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    2 red bull...... Gone :( and then some...

    Just got the famous ''HDD corrupt'' message and I tried to rebuild 3-4 times. So I had to do the ultimate sacrifice in order to try and salvage my black beauty, rebuild the OS. Happy to say that my PS3 is in good working condition...... but.... All saves.... GONE!!!!! I had 2 Vettels...
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    HELP!!!!! (windows 7 .link problem)

    I repair, update, build pcs all the time for friends and family but my father came to me with a problem I can't figure out. I am presuming my brother made the mistake on my parents laptop since my father does not use Utorrent. Here's the problem.... When I clicked on a program link on...
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    Headtracking? Youtube integration?

    There is an option to set up your PSEYE in the hardware section but no option to enable it. I have tried different races and shuffle through my POV to see if it work out but it's a no go. While in the option menu, it works perfectly fine, it just doesn't work in game. Another question here...
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    Pretty sweet for entry level (DSLR beginner) cam!

    Nikon just introduced the rumoured Nikon d3100. Features -14.2mp CMOS sensor (DX) -NEW EXPEED 2 image processor -1080p/24fps video shooting WITH FULL TIME AF!!! (I hope it's not a rolling shutter, I love Jello, just not as a integrated special effects in videos!!!) -720p/24fps/30fps -11...
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    FFXIV world map revealed!

    Looks like a big adventure is awaiting those of us who will move on (or play side by side) from FFXI. FFXIV world map I want a giant one for my man cave :snicker
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    SINGSTAR questions

    I know this question has been asked before but I can't find it anywhere... What part of SONY do I contact to transfer purchased songs to a newly activated system? Phone # email etc.... I'm asking because I remember someone saying that some part of the customer services are more "able" when it...