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    What Happened to Sigma Series?

    Haven't checked on any games in a few months but I see Ninja Gaiden 3 is coming for PS3. So I assume Sigma series is over
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    Anybody Having PSN Problems

    In all the 3 years I've had this console I never had this problem. Its been wireless the whole time The PSN just been giving errors over the past month like crazy. I thought this update would help, still giving errors
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    Devil May Cry Collection For PS3?

    What you think about that I'm trading some of my games in, cause I dont play them anymore, and I came across DMC 3. I let someone else hold my PS2, so I can't play it. DMC I no longer have because of me letting people holding it messed it all up smh. It became unplayable, and I never owned...
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    What Kind Of Entertainment Center Do You Have

    Basically I'm posting my tv up on the wall and I need a basic entertainment center to just hold my PS3 and Stereo console on the top, and something to hold my speakers/games/cd's underneath. I see people post nice entertainment centers but when it come to finding one, it sucks. Be a lot of extra...
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    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 3?

    Any word if there will be one and possible release date
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    Seen The Newer Playstation Commerical

    Its for PSP, featuring Bobb'e J. Thompson who was mad funny off Role Models. I dont watch 30 Rock, so I cant comment on that Kinda surprised me. Thats who they're going with for promotion of PSP?
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    Can I Transfer A File From My PS3 To My Desktop?

    I have a file over 4 GB on my PS3, but I want it to transfer to my desktop (Windows 7) Cant use my external/flash drives cause the file too big Is there anyway I can do this. I have tversity btw if that helps
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    How Many People Sold Their PS2

    Or gave it away I know a lot of people got the early PS3's with BC. I dont have that so I kept my PS2, the fat one from launch. I kept MGS 2(of course) & Devil May Cry 3. But I dont use it, so I was thinking about selling it to my man. He'll use it more. But I keep thinking what if I want to...
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    Finally Got An HDTV That Can Receive 1080P Through HDMI

    Got my PS3 in March, and its about time to really get into it I had an old HDTV, that could go up to 1080i. But for my b-day, got a new HDTV. And it look beautiful in 1080p... wow. Got movies on my hard drive and everything. System is awesome
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    Assassins Creed 2 vs. Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2

    I played both of the 1st parts For those that played both the 2nd parts, which one would you recommend for me to get first
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    Question About Multi-Platform Game Commercials

    Some games will have promotion on x-box, and some for ps3 at the end How do they decide that
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    I Really Hope Raiden Doesn't Have That Band Across His Face

    Can somebody send the message to Kojima it looks dumb. I mean is the point to be similar to be Big Boss/Solidus cause he has a eye patch. Eye patch look right. Band look dumb
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    My PS3 Downgrades DVD-ROM To 480p

    I've set it on 720p & 1080i separately, and both 720p & 1080i at the same time. Like display settings, I've checked both of. Im using component It ONLY downgrades with DVD-ROM to 480p, and only 480p. I know it does cause it changes to 480i before the movie start. Now with DVD-RW, it doesnt...
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    Should I Clean My PS3 EVERY SINGLE WEEK

    With a vacuum cleaner It has several places where dust can get into that. And thats my baby, so I've been cleaning it every weekend Im having doubts now about damaging it for doing it every week
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    Who Thinks X-Men Origins: Wolverine Might Be A Good Game

    I enjoyed the X-Men legends, and being a Wolverine fan, I'm watching the design and behind the scenes of this game Who thinks it might be as good as Legends
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    Just Found Out, PS3 Only Works With Vista

    A lil disappointed, because I was hoping I wont have to bring my laptop near my ps3 to like make changes (hey, its a laptop thats what it do) (Ps3 is in the basement with an HD-TV and desktop, Vista Laptop is upstairs in my room) Cause instead of saving pics, movies to my hardrive, I just play...