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    Best way to clean PS3?

    What would be the best way to clean my PS3? I was thinking that the compressed air can wouldn't, since it would look like the air would blow the dust deeper inside, and not out. I don't want to try the Fan test, because I'm not totally sure it's safe because of all the rumors out there about...
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    Signature Request - Spec Ops: The Line

    I'm kind of getting tired of the ME3 signature that I have. This time, I'm wanting a Spec Ops: The Line signature. I like the way the game looks, that's why I'm wanting one. Here is pictures I found that you could use. Or you can use whatever else you find that you think would look good...
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    New Computer ideas

    I recently had a thread about a Desktop I'm paying on for Aaron's. Everyone has convinced me that what I'm getting isn't worth it ($1,231 for a computer that can't even play GTA IV properly). My question is, does anyone have any ideas on what computer I should buy, that's of course under...
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    vBShop Problem

    First of all, does the User Name Style cost 3000 points? That's what it says, and I have 3,473 Points, yet it says I have "Insufficient Funds" when I try to purchase it. Is this just a bug or is their something else I need that I'm missing? Thanks
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    GTA IV ATI Radeon HD 3000

    I got a new HP Desktop PC from Aaron's. (I know, but it was the only choice I have right now) Everything is good enough to play GTA IV, except the graphics card. (ATI Radeon HD 3000) Is their anything at all to make this game run better? It plays ok (probably 10-15 FPS) But it slows down a lot...
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    Sleeping Dogs (AKA True Crime: Hong Kong) Story Trailer

    Here is a trailer for Sleeping Dogs! Activision is going to wish they never cancelled it! (I hope, that is)
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    PS Vita Quiz: Test Your Vita Knowledge!

    Oh wow, 6/10. I'm so stupid :lol:
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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    I guess it can be considered a win-win situation lol You get a choice of 3G choices and we get a choice of games for buying the 3G version.
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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    I don't think it is. In U.S, we get to choose what game b this page here:
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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    How I wish the U.S was like that. I'm tired of Carrier-specific phones. I want phones to be on all networks!
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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    Well, it's different in US, we don't get a choice, we have to use AT&T, which I'm not happy about. They should have offered a choice between the major brands. T-Mobile, Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, etc. Unless it was due to all the other carriers not wanting to support PS Vita, or unable to. Idk. But...
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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    But 3G costs more than WiFi only. Here are costs where I am: Wifi Only- $249.99 3G and Wifi - $299.99; including the monthly price for 3G. I don't know where you are, so I don't know if it's any difference.
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    Related Articles Bug

    In the settings, you can have "Related Articles" On or Off. When you turn them on and scroll down, the Related Articles move to the left over some of the writing that is in the thread. Screenshot is below: I will post the screenshot when it does it again. Sometimes it does and sometimes it...
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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    Actually, I looked it up a few minutes ago, and I think it does. Even PSU had a article about it. SCEA confirmed it, saying PS Vita would have a 20 MB download limit. What I don't get it how are people going to download games that are larger than 20 MB? Are developers going to be limited to 20...
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    Are you getting the Wifi only or Wifi & 3G model?

    Wifi for me. Like coolguy above me, 3G is a waste for me. Plus, isn't their a download limit?
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    Just Cause 3 set to be released in 2012 (Rumor)

    This is kind of old (just found it, it was from October), but no one posted anything about it, so I will :wink: If it's true, then that's awesome! I really enjoyed Just Cause 2!
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    Saints Row 4 Confirmed to be in Development SR:TT Not even released yet, and they said this! lol Well, they done that when SR2 was released. They were working on SR:TT before SR2 was out.
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    Saints Row: The Third New Website Launched

    Today they launched a New website, probably designed for the launch for the Initiation Station. Here is what you see when you first log in: Here is the Initiation Station you see on Homepage: (Though you can't download and use yet. On Facebook, they said further details will be released...
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    Which Wireless Carrier should I get?

    I was wondering, which is a good wireless carrier? :confused: There is just a lot to choose from lol I live in Virginia, so I would want one that has coverage in Virginia. Thanks for all who help. ;) Here is what I'm going to use mostly: Web and Texting Voice, not as much. I'll still have to...
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    Deus Ex: Human Revolution Avatar request

    Could anyone please make me a Deus Ex: Human Revolution? I'll be ok with any picture being used, as long as it looks good and relates to Deus Ex. It'll be like my previous signature request. Rep for all who make one, and this time, 1,000 SP for the one I choose. Thanks for all who decide to...