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    [OT] Spider-man

    Love Spider-Ma as a whole, and have been a massive fan of the games since the two made for PS1. Downloading it now so I'm ready Friday!
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    Writer for Kotaku and Zoe Quinn Accused of Exchanging Positive Press for Sex

    I'm kind of worried about posting this on here considering the Streisand effect is in full swing, with Reddit's gaming sub-forum mod(s) is/are taking great lengths to prevent any form of discussion around the topic to occur (by banning anyone who posts in a thread about it, mind you), along with...
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    So - does it have enough games to warrant a purchase yet?

    I haven't been keeping up with Playstation in a few years, but with the new gen launching and everything I figured it would be a good time to get back into the swing of things. Problem is, at first it didn't seem like there was much games to be had other than Killzone and inFamous, the former...
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    NGP Home Menu Captured

    ... Fugly is all I can say. What was wrong with keeping the XMB?
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    Why can't I sign in on the home page?

    I'm trying to sign in on the home page, but apparently I can't do that anymore due to invalid Username/Pass combinations. Did something get changed or am I am just derping like a noob?
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    So, I got my helghast edition.

    Haven't played it yet, still downloading bits and bobs from the Super Voucher, but something came across my mind when I registered it that boggles my mind. Where the hell is my 24 hour unlock everything/double XP pack? Does it come with the map pack? Or is it seperate? EDIT: Okay, I decided...
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    Need Bioshock 2 players

    Anyone here play Bioshock 2's multiplayer? I'm looking for some people to play with, since no one on my friends list hardly plays it. I'm mainly doing it to get to rank 40 for my platinum. Anyone who is interested can add me, PSN is Boxman96. Just say you're from here though. Lookin foward to...
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    COD classic....

    So I decided to buy classic for an easy platinum. Well, heres a suprise. It isn't. Seriously, it's veteran is up there with WAW on terms of difficulty/cheapness. I'm stuck on the lorry ride mission, since yesterday. The goddamn motorbikes are annoying as fudge to take you because have...
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    Bioshock Platinum!

    I got the platinum! It's no where near being the the thoughest platinum, as I still find WAW the hardest. Beat survivor w/ no vitas and got all the hard/survivor trophies. But now for 100% I need to beat the DLC... Tis my 3rd platinum. :D
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    How does Bioshock 2 work out? *MASSIVE SPOILERS TO FIRST GAME (and some to the 2nd)*

    Everything beyond this point is about the end of the game + plus what would happen in BS2. It's all nitpicking and speculation. I'd love to hear what your guy's views are.
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    Campaign Veteran help request thread

    Welcome to the thread of swearing and wall punching. Come here to request help if you're stuck on veteran. I'll start. Im stuck at the timed submarine part of Contegency. Any tips on beating it?
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    Brian Johnson considering retirement

    [/I] Source I died on the inside after reading this. :(
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    Your MW2 trophy progress

    How far are you in trophy collecting in this game? Im at 41%, getting all the intel before veteran. I have about 20 left to get. I plan on making Spec Op trophies my last ones to get.
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    Demetri Martin Sig/Avv Request 1000 SP + rep *Done*

    I was wondering if someone could make me a Demetri Martin Avvy/Sig. The picture I'd like for my avatar is here. (Sorry, I have to use a proxy cause of Parental Controls on vista...) For the sig, here Thanks.:)
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    Who is not getting MW2 on Tuesday?

    Who all other than me isn't getting MW2 on Tuesday? I was gonna buy it today, because gamestop had a trade in deal,but I don't have a ride to get there. So I'm probably going to get it around Christmas.
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    Call of Duty: World at War Platinum!

    Just got it this morning! I finished off Sum of all Zeroes and got it, including all zombie trophies. Can't believe I did it though, I hated veteran and shooting the zeroes. Very proud of it though.:D Currently my second Plat.:D
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    Best/Worst Horror movies

    What are the Best and Worst horror movies to you guys? I'm putting the trailers on here for mine... The best Scream (1996) Saw (2004) Halloween (1978) The Strangers (2008) The worst Amusement (2009) [/SPOILER]
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    Pokemon Coma Theory

    This just blew my ****ing mind... 7 years of my childhood has now been ruined. Very long read, some sexual refrences. Don't read unless you're prepared to murder your childhood (at least anyone who was into this stuff). Ending was a little lame though. But the real kicker about this...
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    Question for the ladies of the forum...

    (hair topic) Ok, so I want my hair different than it is now. It's very curly, but not like an aphro... More like a rats nest. I'm tired of it looking like s*** which brings me to my queston: How do I keep my hair straight? I don't mean by straightening it every day, I mean keep it smooth...
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    Comedy Central's newest fail is....

    ....Secret Girlfriend. Seriously, I just watched the first episode, and all I can say is how the f*** did it get on TV? The channel has gotten some great new shows (Tosh.0, Micheak & Micheal have issues, etc.), but this one sucks. I don't know how the critics can praise this. There's no real...