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    Coachella 2013

    Any of you guys going? thoughts on the lineup? or am I the only one?
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    Instagram released for android After months and months of talk Instagram finally drops for Android users. Many Iphone users are a little worked up about it, but it just brings a lot more users to the app. Any of you try it out?
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    Coachella am i the only PSU-er

    Anyone else going?
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    black ops tourney live from orlando get on it
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    Homebrew programs you expect to see on the Vita

    yes but you dont look at things logically. PS3 took how long to get hacked? and Sony is really making an effort to lock down the vita
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    Homebrew programs you expect to see on the Vita

    trust f34r he knows everything related to hacking consoles. /sarcasm i dont see it being hacked anytime soon.
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    Quick question about amazon.

    i preordered the Vita awhile back. I dont remember how much i put down on there preorder. Is there a way to check? if so will i have to add more since they implemented the taxes?
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    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hitting PS Vita?

    sarcasm? it's just ultimate mvc3
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    PSP2 OS... (Linux, Android or Proprietary)

    It has plenty of power to run linux. imo
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    what program do you use to moniter your computer temps?

    just curious. currently using real temp
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    Where are you buying your Vita at?

    i went with amazon becuase they ship early sometimes to get it to your house on the release date
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    google+ anyone want an invite?

    as far as i can tell invites are open for now. just pm me your email and i will send an invite
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    Someone give me a damn googlePlus invite!

    please :)
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    breaking news!!!!

    my s and w key do not work unless i use the onscreen keyboard so just fill in the blanks from now on when i type :p
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    Sony To Sell Vita At A Loss For 3 Years

    it doez probably a lot more than you think
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    Will we ever get custom pips again?

    will we? just curious i really liked them, because it is to easy to max out .
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    I'm the only one eligible for this club.
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    Inside the Vita, PSV memory /usb slots shown.

    hopefully then i wont have to carry around my laptop and my vita charger. Did you already pre order yours fear?