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  1. StevenW

    Announcement - New Community Manager at PSU

    Hi all. Just wanted to address this thread. Social media has definitely made a huge impact. We were hoping to add the feature of posts appearing on both homepage and forums. The cost of the new site last year was pretty hefty so we haven't been able to invest further. Also, a lot of the posts...
  2. StevenW

    When are you too old? When will you stop?

    When the fingers give in. Starting to feel it already!
  3. StevenW

    Just reading Ready, Player, One

    I know this book is like years old now, but can't believe I've only just found it. I'm absolutely hooked. Can't stop turning the pages. It's like it was written specifically for me as a child from the 80s who loves videogames. Then, much to my surprise, I typed the book into google and...
  4. StevenW

    Playground Games making new Fable?

    USed to love Fable. Kicking chickens!
  5. StevenW

    Need for Speed Payback free roam mode

    At the moment you can only drive around online while waiting for people to join a lobby. This will be full online roaming.
  6. StevenW

    Some top landing spots in Fortnite

    Neil's been playing Fortnite like a trooper and has put together a guide on some of the best places to land in Fortnite. If you know any more, let us know and we'll add them.
  7. StevenW

    Will there be any more Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games?

    IT could work but you'd need one hell of a skateboard set up. They had that skateboard peripheral years back, and it was useless. You need to be able to hold onto something either side while you're skating like the arcade skating games.
  8. StevenW

    Will there be any more Tony Hawk's Pro Skater games?

    I think the quick answer is: no. The original designer has just spoken in an interview about the debacle with Pro Skater 5. Don't think we'll be seeing any skating game for a while, though Tony Hawk is apparently working on his own one.
  9. StevenW

    Fortnite update today brings first Battle Royale Event of 2018

    There's a new Fortnite update today, though you don't need to download anything. You can pick up the silenced pistol which will be handy for the new event later this week.
  10. StevenW

    Mutant Football League gets PS4 release this month

    Anyone remember this from the Sega Genesis days? It's had a reboot. NFL meets mutants, cheating and violence! Mutant Football League is due out mid-January on PS4.
  11. StevenW

    PS4 Games Release Date List - January 2018

    Here's the PS4 games coming out in January 2018. Anyone picking up anything? Only think on my list is Monster Hunter World.
  12. StevenW

    Shadow of the Colossus dev teases new game

    There's a new game incoming from the guy behind Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian. Judging by the artwork, it looks very similar to previous games. Will be watching this one like a hawk!
  13. StevenW

    Sony QA process holds back PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds PS4 release

    Heard many developers speak about this over the years. The QA process is apparently exhausting for PS4, requiring an initial solid submission. It puts developers off releasing games in early access, hence the PUBG PS4 release date delay. Mind you, even with that QA process, how some games have...
  14. StevenW

    Need for Speed Payback free roam mode

    No idea why this wasn't released at launch, but the Need for Speed Payback free roam mode online is incoming.
  15. StevenW

    Recommended games for Nintendo Switch

    Nice. I picked up SteamWorld Dig 2.
  16. StevenW


    It should drop any day now. We're keeping an eye on when it lands.
  17. StevenW

    Destiny 2 - Expansion 2 leaked, set on Mars

    Apparently, a listing appeared on the PlayStation Store for the upcoming Destiny 2 Gods of Mars expansion. There's a lot of plausible stuff in the leak, but it screams fake.
  18. StevenW

    20 PS4 and PSVR games you may not have played in 2017 but you should check out

    Senior Editor Neil has knocked up a list of 20 PlayStation games that we've enjoyed in 2017. Many of these may have slipped under your radar, but are worth checking out.
  19. StevenW

    Just made the leap to a ps4

    Hey, we're reviewing a wheel for it right now. Should have the review in a week or so. Will let you know the outcome!
  20. StevenW

    Steam Winter Sale 2018

    I'm tempted for the LEGO Harry Potter games for the kids!