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    Coachella 2013

    Any of you guys going? thoughts on the lineup? or am I the only one?
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    Instagram released for android After months and months of talk Instagram finally drops for Android users. Many Iphone users are a little worked up about it, but it just brings a lot more users to the app. Any of you try it out?
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    Coachella am i the only PSU-er

    Anyone else going?
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    black ops tourney live from orlando get on it
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    Quick question about amazon.

    i preordered the Vita awhile back. I dont remember how much i put down on there preorder. Is there a way to check? if so will i have to add more since they implemented the taxes?
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    what program do you use to moniter your computer temps?

    just curious. currently using real temp
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    google+ anyone want an invite?

    as far as i can tell invites are open for now. just pm me your email and i will send an invite
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    Someone give me a damn googlePlus invite!

    please :)
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    breaking news!!!!

    my s and w key do not work unless i use the onscreen keyboard so just fill in the blanks from now on when i type :p
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    Will we ever get custom pips again?

    will we? just curious i really liked them, because it is to easy to max out .
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    I'm the only one eligible for this club.
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    MW3! looks terrible

    Same thing of the same thing over again. Activision is milking every penny they can.
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    If you've ever watched a call of duty commentary give me a thumbs up
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    who would win in a fight? Seahawkk or x6teen

    everything is better with 3 options
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    Halo Reach?

    anyone on here still play it? wanna party up if so?
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    Eshop and internet browser pushed back to June 6th

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    fight stick label + rep & sp to winner

    Okay i recently purchased this I want to make a custom label for the front with this picture I want it to say "PY" on it somewhere fitting. ALso i want this in the right corner i also want it somewhat small...
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    Evo 2011?

    whos going? if so are you entering?
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    Help With a Logo! 2k SP + Rep

    My friend really needs someone to make him a logo (aspiring producer) He needs a Logo made that says AdVance with the capitalization like that. He wants it to be futuristic looking, or just very artistic looking. winner will get 2k sp. I need a lot of entries! Edit: if you could make it in...
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    Seahawkk's 3,100th "I want more sp so im going to make a contest " Post Contest!!!

    Ok folks, in honor of my 3,100th post on these boards, I'll be holding another contest. I've not done one in a while, so here we go kiddies! Please read the entire post. RULES AND REQUIREMENTS This contest is open to every registered member. I reserve the right to remove anyone from this...