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    What do you guys do in your free time?

    When you're bored, you dont have any responsibilities for a little, or you just wanna relax what do you guys do? Me, I just sit in bed and listening to music and think about life.
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    Hey Guys, How do you ask out a girl?

    Well, I'm 14 and a teen, so obviously I like girls. The problem is that Im not really experienced with them. So if you'd kind enough and tell how I should ask a girl out, be mature btw. Thank You.
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    Cotto Vs. Margarito, anyone see it?

    Did anyone see this boxing match by any chance? If so, what did you think about all the drama before and after the match, as well as the fight itself?
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    What do you expect to see from R3?

    As we all know R3 comes out sept.6. Anyway, what do expect to see from it, and why? It could be anything. Also, could any of your expectaions be the reason why consumers want R3 more then the other shooters out there? What i expect is a kickass, unique campaign mode, so it wont be like...
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    If you were a SuperHero....

    If you were a SuperHero, who would you be, and why? Also, if you could have any super power, which power would you have?
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    Schools Out!

    Well as you can see School is finally out (for me). My question is: When you were around my age (13) What did you do when school was out durring the Summer?
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    Resistance dual Pack

    Im not sure when it comes out, but Resistance fans should like it. What do you guys think?
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    Shaq's Retirement

    We all know that Shaq Is retiring officaily tonight. Well how do you think his career was? Also what team do you think he was best on, and why?
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    New Resistance 3 (official) website!

    They just updated the old Resistance 2 website, but now they have loads of stuff about Resistance 3.http:// Check it out!
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    Most addictive thing?

    What is thing are you most addicted to? I am addicted to eating twizlers, everytime i get the package i finsh it in five minutes.
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    The Yo mamma joke Thread!

    So guys post of any yo mamma joke that you think is funny. I will start, Yo mamma so stupid she got stabbed at a shootout!
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    Whats your favorite coach of all time?

    Whats your favorite coaches of all time? Just tell us the name of the coach and the sport that they coached in. My fav. is Phil Jaskson from the Lakers, he won 10 championships, i mean it dosnt get much better than that.
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    So who is tired of all the threads on psn being down?

    Is it just me or is there way to many threads about psn being down? Aren't you guys annoyed by it?
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    What is the best movie so far in 2011?

    So far i think that Fast Five is the best so far, what do you guys think is the best movie so far in 2011?
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    R3 Competitive mode

    What do you guys think Resistance 3's competitve should be like? Should they keep it the same as R2 or make it different?
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    Resistance three gameplay - short version - longer version It looks really good so far what do you think?
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    The 2 newest racing games

    So what do you guys think about Gran Tourismo 5 and Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. I havent played GT5 but i plyed hot pursuit. So i just wnat to see what your opinion on these 2 games are.
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    resistance 3 possible shipment date?

    I recently went on For the heck of it i typed in resistance 3, and right next to it it said pre-order ships 9/1/11 if you dont believe me see for your selves
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    Doesn't hurt to wait!

    Did you notice that a lot of games are coming out just before Christmas. 1. Dead rising 2 9/28 2. NBA 2K11 10/5 3. Call of duty 11/9 4. Fallout New...
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    What does SP mean?

    I need your help, i have not been on this website that long ( joined 9-9-10) so I really don't know what SP means, so all i'm asking for is a basic understanding of it. Any help will be greatly appreciated.