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  1. FinalxxSin

    Thank You PSU Staff

    I know this may be cliche or cringe, but I do want to thank the PSU staff for keeping this site going. I know I wasn't around when the site was at its hay day, but it's still great knowing this site still exists so I can get a lot of gaming related news in general be it PlayStation related or...
  2. FinalxxSin

    Sidequests in Games

    I want to give a shoutout to Shingo for getting my brain running on this: This has been a topic that has seem to be more and more important as the years go by. When I originally read Shingo's comment, I started to think why that may have been the case. Then I thought about it. A majority...
  3. FinalxxSin

    The God of Milking!?

    Real Talk Ep. 7 - The God of Milking!? I drop my thoughts on the upcoming God of War title that is going to be coming out for the PS4 later on in time. I'm a sad panda to say the least.
  4. FinalxxSin

    Real Talk Ep. 5 - The Troll King

    For a very long time now, many have believed the troll Aizen has a Bankai. I have been the opposite on this, and I'll be explaining my reasons why in the video. I had a lot of fun doing this video. Real Talk Ep. 5 - The Troll King
  5. FinalxxSin

    My Big Three 2016 I basically drop some thoughts on my most anticipated titles for the year. The images at the bottom of the video will take you to the respective topic spot in the video. What are your most anticipated titles for this year going into 2016?
  6. FinalxxSin

    [OT] Blade & Soul NA

    Original release date (Korea): June 2012 Release date for NA and EU: January 19th, 2016 Blade & Soul is a Korean MMO fighting game that has been out since about 2012. Over the past few months, the game has been going through beta testing for NA and EU. Early access to the full game was on...
  7. FinalxxSin

    PS4: Can 2016 be better?

    I don't know about anybody else out there, but 2015 seemed to have been a better year for the PS4 in comparison to 2014. There were a good number of games that came out, but most of them just wan't my cup of tea. It seems at the moment that a good number of people just haven't gotten a ground...
  8. FinalxxSin

    Final Fantasy vs. Persona Ok so basically in a survey on the Japan side, Square Enix asked if people prefer Persona or Final Fantasy. I don't know if they meant the entire series comparison or simply P5 vs. FFXV. I believe...
  9. FinalxxSin

    Microtransaction Horror I know this is a touchy subject, so I thought'd I'd provide my own thoughts on this and DLC. Let me know if I am completely crazy.
  10. FinalxxSin

    Outsiders Looking In?

    I noticed that this site has a LOT of guest times being well over 600. I was wondering if anybody knows why this may be the case? If this forum ever does change to something else, or go somewhere else, I hope more guests would be willing to make an account and post here and there...
  11. FinalxxSin

    [OT] Final Fantasy XV

    With the specific release date for XV to be announced some time in March of 2016, I thought now would be a good time to create an official thread for it. I'll use spoiler tags to try and keep the information as condensed as possible: Official FFXV forum: Official...
  12. FinalxxSin

    T.O.T's gaming thread

    I like to play other people. This is just something that I do on the side so I have some way of saving some stuff that I have done. Older Real Talk Episodes: Heavenly Sword vids Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII vids