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    Ridge Racer 7 3D version on PSN

    Hi Everyone, I wanted to know if anyone of you purchased Ridge Racer 7 3D version on PSN recently and i especially wanted to know if the game works in 2d. I want to buy the game on digital but don't have a 3D TV...
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    Microsoft demands simultaneous multiplatform releases Hmmm don't know what to think about this, are Microsoft trying to control the market or quality ?
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    Infamous 2 IGNs review is UP ! Judging by this review, it looks like a SICK game !!! CANNOT WAIT ! The story is well scored, better than i thought...
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    Who here is REALLY in the need of a 2 days Xbox live gold code ?

    As the thread title says, who's in the need of a 2 day code to play on live gold ? i have a 2 day live gold code to give... :cool:
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    How's 3rd Birthday ?

    As the thread title says... did anyone get the 3rd Birthday ? I'm on the fence... to buy it or not to buy it, that is the question ?
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    Xbox 360 Wireless Headset question

    Hi everybody, I want to know if anyone's using the official wireless headset and if it's recommended. I read good and bad reviews, it's kinda mixed so i wanted to have a forums member opinion on that. Actually my biggest concern is, does it perform as good as the wired one ? if yes, i will...
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    Free Stuff for Kinect Joy Ride and Kinect Adventures

    Wassup guys ! I have free stuff for kinect adventures and joy ride to give. I don't play these games really and thought the codes would be better used by the ones who are into this stuff... FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED. ----------------------------------------------------------- Joy Ride Game...
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    Xbox360 questions

    Wassup guys, I'm getting an arcade 4gb 360 arcade kinect bundle. The thing is, i have a 360 slim right now and i want to put my actual 250gb hdd into the future arcade 360. Since i have never swaped a HDD for 360, i have a couple of questions : 1- Am i gonna lose something if i put my 250Gb...
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    Activision responds to accusations that Bobby Kotick is a prick The empire strikes back ! They do give a good explanation though but who's right...?
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    Xbox Live Final Fantasy female avatar to give.

    That's right, my brother bought the special edition Xbox360 with FF13 and it comes with codes for avatars, well he don't want the female one so i'm giving it for those interested. The first who replies to this thread gets it by PM. Thank you. d
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    Xbox 360 Arcade model 129.99$ bargin in Canada

    For those who live in Canada, the Arcade Xbox360 model is at a bargin price of 129.99$ at FutureShop and BestBuy.
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    Mod Nation Racers BETA

    Hi folks ! I wanted to know if anyone got the voucher for Mod Nation Racers that came with "Little Big Planet : Game of the year Edition". I have the voucher code but it doesn't work. Looked at the back and it says the beta's good from September 8 or 9 2009 and good until march 2010. Still...
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    I don't think it needs to have much, a good price with good hardware is a must and a good online service ala xbox live + all the stuff that makes the Playstation, PLAYSTATION. Ah yeah, a focus on online digital distribution for small games and of course, Blu-Ray ! Anyway, it's still to soon to...