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    On type and typography

    So a few days ago a few of you mentioned that you were having issues with type. I have had a passion for type for far too long and figured I would help ease the pain for some of you. To give you a brief history about my type learning about type goes back to when I was in about fifth grade and I...
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    Nightmare light show

    Thought I would share this with you guys because it is safe to say that there is at least one person that likes Nightmare Before Christmas. I know I have loved it since it first came out.
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    Up for grabs: Mafia II, Just Cause II promo codes

    Here is the deal. I recently placed an order for a video card for a computer I am currently building for my little sister and with the card came the special promo card from NVIDIA. It is to this day unused and the offer expires on the thirty-first of this year. Either PM me or post a response...
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    comptuer build help

    So it has been a while since I have posted or been on this site in general and haven't really been up to date on hardware and what not. I am wanting to build a computer for my sister cause hers is about a decade old. I have Windows 7 in mind when it comes to the OS. My budget at the moment is...
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    painter X

    So most you know the program some don't. I took an intro to digital art and design class a while back and painter was one of the programs that I got a chance to use. I love the program cause I love to draw in general. Here is one that I did not too long ago: Keep in mind that I have not used...
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    Who does this?

    source I just really know how to react to it. Really I just don't.
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    Art on canvas (56k slight warning)

    Thought that I would share this with you guys seeing how this is the art/design section. :D The wife recently had a show at a local bar with two other artists. She got to post up to four paintings but she put up five. I'm so happy for her. She will be having another show this coming August for...
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    Wee Todd

    I must admit this one gave me a big grin: YouTube - Todd (Reece) #1 some not safe for work language.
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    Belgium bud...

    No. Not that type of bud. Beer. really interesting read between Anheuser-Busch and Stella Artois maker. source:
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    [sig battle] joeold vs Arcruex_Formula

    Size: No Bigger than 560 x 170 Theme: Nintendo Related Prize: 1k SP joeold: Arcruex_Formula:
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    Harness volcano power

    Found this little article pretty interesting. source:
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    80's toys that made you stronger

    If they did not kill you. To be honest I remember most of these. The sit and spin one was the worst one of all. source: