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    Mark Rein: 360 Unreal will contain Gears 2 'surprise'

    Link Hm. I wonder what it could be. I would prefer a trailer at the very least.
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    Mmmm. Good ol' Lockout, how I have missed thee.

    For those of you who have downloaded the Legendary Map Pack, what do you think? I just play my first game of team slayer on lockout and during the game I realized how much I missed the map. Haven't played a game on Ghost Town or Avalanche, but I am searching now!
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    Gears of War 2 Looking To Be Everything We Want It To Be!

    Link to NeoGaf Thread It sound amazing.:mrgreen: Can't wait!
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    My First Youtube Video!

    This is for all you Babylon 5 fans out there; Check it out: B5 Tribute: The War with Clark and What You Leave Behind You may not appreciate it as much as if you were a fan, but I hope you enjoy it anyway! Make sure you read "About This Video" before you watch the video.
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    Fifth GTA Trailer Leaked

    Link Pretty funny. I am really enjoying this April Fools Day so far.
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    Avalanche: Sidewinder "Remake" With Added Mancannons For Extra Chaoticness!

    Source. Can't wait to play on this map! Bring on Moonlight Sonata!
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    Gears of War 2 Interview--John DiMaggio (Voice of Marcus Fenix)

    The most interesting stuff has been highlighted. Link Gears 2 is going to be awesome.
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    Microsoft Breakfast Blogger: Episodic GTA Content Much Bigger Than Expected?

    Source. Thoughts, anyone? I am not going to conclusions.
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    Sid Meier's Civilization Revolution Release Date Revealed

    Source. This+Ninja Gaiden II will make for an excellent summer.
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    The Xbox 360 GDC Thread

    Talk about anything GDC that has to deal with the Xbox 360. Game Developers Conference Microsoft's Presentation: Keynotes Feature Speakers I am not going to post all of the speakers that have to do with an Xbox 360 game, there is simple too many. [No Picture] [No Picture] [No Picture]...
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    Seriously, How Could I Have Missed This? This Is The Most Epic Thing I have Ever Seen

    Words can not simply describe... This is a simulation of our Universe: the biggest one, in fact. I thought I had even the slightest comprehension how [size=1]small [size=1]we truly are. Because of this video, I now know how foolish I was. I mean, I felt 1 billion times this: Here is the press...
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    January NPD Numbers

    Nintendo Wii 274,000 Nintendo DS 251,000 Xbox 360 230,000 PlayStation Portable 230,000 PLAYSTATION 3 269,000 Total Hardware Units 1,227,000 SW 1 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Xbox 360) 330,900 2 Wii Play (Wii)...
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    Microsoft Continues the 'Bring It Home' program for GDC

    Would anyone like a Too Human demo?
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    Too Human Playable at GDC

    Source Epic. However, I am being cautiously optimistic; let's hope this game receives good impressions.
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    1UP GDC Week Blowout

    Prepare for teh epicness that will be next week.
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    CoD4 Patch is off to Microsoft for Certification!

    Excellent news! Can't wait to download it. Some of the new features include... Good news.
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    Awesome Sid Meier's Civilization: Revolution Xbox 360 Preview

    Points of Interest: And much more. Fantastic Amounts of Win Can't wait for this game, it is going to be so awesome.
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    Bungle Weekly Update: 2/08/08

    I know Bungle comes out with a weekly update every week, but here is what makes this one special: Tyson Green, Bungle's Multiplayer Design Lead explains the changes that are being made to the melee system in the auto update expected at the end of this month, why the current melee system is fair...
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    Shane Kim Q&A at D.I.C.E

    Source I have highlighted the most interesting parts; Shane's comments about knowing what is in the "pipeline" have me even more excited for GDC than ever before
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    DNF in '08 and Duke Nukem 3D coming to XBLA: Online Multiplayer, Achievements, Co-Op!

    Source Win? First the Mass Effect DLC, now this!:mrgreen: