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    Community Sig/Avatar request

    Can someone make an avatar of this: Also, can someone make a sig of this and have the text "Troy and Abed in the morning":
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    Forums are narrow

    Is it just me or have the forums become narrower?
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    Call of Duty Saga Pack..

    Has anyone heard of this? I was on and came across this Link:
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    My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

    So has anyone heard Kanye's new album? I wasn't a big fan of it when I first heard it however, after listening to it a couple more times, I'm loving it. Much better than his previous **** album.
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    Favourite Killstreaks

    What's your favourite killstreaks? Mine are Napalm Strike and Dogs :D
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    Angry Birds coming to consoles Sounds good to me :) I love this game. Also, at the end the guy talked about a possible MP like Worms.. interesting.
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    AK74u.. overpowered?

    I've started using this gun and to me it seems really powerful and has a good range for a SMG. Anyone else think it's overpowered? It's not as overpowered as the UMP45 or the MP40. However, it's still more powerful then the rest of the guns.
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    Best games available?

    People recommend me some good games for the 360. I like all games besides RPGs. Only exclusives please. Games that I've played/have: Gears of War 1&2 Forza 3 PGR 3&4 Crackdown 2
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    need help with google

    I'm using google chrome and whenever I go on to it's in polish instead of english. Yes I can translate but does anyone know why this has happened and if I can turn it back into english.
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    Black Ops sig

    Can someone make me a Black Ops sig.. I'll give you all my SP. I don't have any specific pictures that I want you guys to use. I don't want my name in the sig.
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    The Apprentice?

    Has anyone been watching it?
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    No more 800 MS points?

    I was looking to buy Super Meat Boy and currently it's 800 MS points but I can't find anywhere except Ebay that sell 800 MS points. Does anyone know where I can buy one besides Ebay.
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    He has gone.. A sad day in the world of football predicitions :snicker
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    AC: Brotherhood advert?

    Has anyone seen the advert for Brotherhood? It was on Sky Sports last night and it sucked. Also, it's going to be on ITV1 at half time in the Inter vs Spurs match but I think it may be a different one. If it's the same one as I saw you'll realise how sh*t it is.
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    Is it dead?

    So I was playing Gears of War and the game froze and some dodgy patterns came on the tv. So I switched my xbox off and put it back on. The light goes green then it turns red :( My xbox is the 250GB slim.
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    Just bought Gears 1&2...

    So I'm just wondering how long did it take for you guys to finish the game?
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    How's Crackdown 2

    Tomorrow I should be getting Crackdown 2 and I'm wondering if it is any good.
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    Looking to buy 500GB HDD

    Anyone know where I can find a 500GB HDD to buy for my PS3?
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    Looking for some earphones

    My current earphones blow and I'm looking for some new ones, preferably in-ear. I'm willing to spend £20 on them. Any suggestions?