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    One Piece Anime / Manga Talk

    For now we can keep this as anime and manga and if theres enough demand we can always make this anime only and have a manga thread. all manga discussion in spoiler tags please I only started One Piece recently ( around August this year) and I'm glad I did. Before this the only other weekly...
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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 TGS trailer: Hack and slash gameplay shown

    Trailer shows: - Kage Summit Arc story - Naruto vs Nine Tails boss battle (hooray for a giant boss that doesnt involve hitting hands to bring face to ground and then spam on face till death 8-)) - Sasuke vs Samurai - hack and slash gameplay - Various announced characters...
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    Naruto Generations NEW 4 min trailer - 20th DEC (spoiler from manga)

    Seems like there been no update here on this game. !!!!!SPOILER WARNING FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO DONT READ THE MANGA!!!!! ---------------------------------------------- Update: 20th Dec Brand new 4 minute trailer:
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    Awesome new Dark Souls screenshots - black phantoms, hiding places, disguises etc

    Enjoy the new screenshots from the official facebook page. Features black phantoms, co-op phantoms, blue phantoms (?), disguises and hiding places. Enjoy ^_^ Hiding from the Black Phantom fail , LOL :lol: Guess where the player is? answer: Is barrel the new cardboard box? Death replays...
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    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations

    Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations (ps3/360) Release Date: 2012 Announcment trailer: Gameplay:
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    new Dark Souls trailer.....OMG!!!!!

    new trailer was released yesterday, saw threads about it on Gametrailers and my jaw hit the floor from the awesomeness in this trailer: spoilers about trailer: Release Date: October 2011
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    Changing email in accounts settings help

    My brother's email linked to his psn account isnt being recognised on msn, it doesnt exist according to hotmail sign in. So I was going to change his email through account settings. A quick google search taught me that it doesnt mess with psn stuff like trophies which is perfect. however...
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    Valkryia Chronicles 2 impressions

    Felt like writing a little early review for Valkryia Chronicles 2. ^_^ ---Story introduction/ set up--- Being set a few years after the events of the original game with Gallia free from the empire. A civil war has erupted. The rebel faction strives to end the Archduchess' rule over Gallia...
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    New killzone 3 multiplayer gameplay Keep an eye out for the new respawn feature. When you get revived by a medic you have the option to stand up or respawn. :)
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    New PSN exclusive game: Malicious

    Trailer: Source: IGN Screenshots: more screens at ign: Love the visual style for it :D
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    White Knight Chronicles 2 - new gameplay trailers show off online Knight gameplay

    Having just completed the story for WKC1 last week I am hyped to the max for the sequel. Had a break from it with all the games coming out over the past 2-3 months but I am addicted to the online again. :cool: Anyways, I downloaded these trailers from the Japanese PS store and they've made...
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    Will E3 live conferences work on ps3?

    Has anyone watched the E3 conferences live on the ps3 browser in the past? With no access to a pc at home and not wanting to miss this years e3 i may try to watch it on the ps3, but would like to know if it will work as some sites crash my ps3 like trying to run anything off gametrailers.
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    Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Official Thread - 18th June: E3 blowout

    Release Date: Spring 2011 Will update this thread regularly :) last update: 18th June 2010 - new poster and how to play images from e32010 FULL TRAILER, fit to be the opening to the game. Potential villain also revealed: Gamespot live stage...
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    Gametrailers Bonus Round: The future of games, how we may end up paying First watch this episode (episode/ chapter 2), it brings up some really interesting (and worrying) points of the future. Basically want to get a discussion going on in this thread about the topics raised especially by jason in this...
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    'Stones melt too' animation

    really short animation (around 30 secs) I made called Stones melt too. Meant to be a 10 second experimental animation but I had a really strong idea so went for a longer time. First time I attempted to create an emotional story. painted in photoshop, compiled in after effects. Took less than a...
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    My new short film animation: Sentry

    Hopefully this is the right place to post this. This is my latest animation that i completed for a module on my animation uni course. It's an experimental stop motion piece using black card puppets over a back light. No digital effects or animation used. Just a simple frame by frame animation...
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    Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 new Co-op screens

    Enjoy the new screens (sorry if this has already been posted): Character models are awesome :D View all the new screens here:
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    DeadFantasy (Dead Or Alive vs Final Fantasy)by montyoum -Episode 4 released,July 21st

    Dead Fantasy has been around for around a year or 2 now I think. It's created by the talented montyoum, who also created haloid (master chief vs samus). He was also hired to work on Afro Samurai (the game) as an animation choreographer apparently, so he's doing well :D The fan series focuses...
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    Can't login on news page/ PSU home page

    I can access the forums fine, but since the last update (i think when the forum design was changed) I havent been able to log in on the main PSU page. Wasn't too fussed about it before as I didn't comment much on the news in the past. However, I have wanted to comment on numerous occasions...
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    Motorstorm 2 online "reset car" help

    Whenever I crash in on online race, it takes quite a while for the "press X to continue" to pop up (around 5-10 seconds which is enough to put you from 1st to last). However, I've seen people reset their vehicle almost instantly! Is there an option for this? It's really fustrating. One...