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    Killzone: Shadow Fall Is Playable After Only Downloading The First Level And Menu... Source
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    Games included, what do you want to see at E3 2013, Vita owners?

    I would love to see a GoW & Hitman game. Tap-a-hoe
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    Microsoft Patents Awarding Achievements For Watching TV

    Not sure if this is old news or has been posted... Source
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    Sony Teasing “An Amazing Big Title Coming To Vita” – Not An Indie Game

    This is great news, can't wait to find out what the game will be. Tap-a-hoe
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    PS Vita System Software Update (v.2.10)

    Glad to see they have made some useful features in this update. Tap-a-hoe
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    The Walking Dead heads to the Vita. The good one!

    Sounds great, looking forward to playing it on the Vita when it comes out.
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    Which PS Vita Games Do You Own?

    Virtua Tennis 4 Uncharted: Golden Abyss Jet Set Radio HD Zen Pinball Modnation Racers: Road Trip Gravity Rush Wipeout Tap-a-hoe
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    Sony will not price cut vita outside of japan

    I don't care no mo as I already got one, lol. Tap-a-hoe
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    Sony Japan hosting PS Vita news broadcast tomorrow

    Would be happy with a memory card price drop, I know this is unlikely but a SSX title for the vita would be awesome for me! Tap-a-hoe
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    I ordered the vita i will have it this friday

    Congratz coolguy on your purchase, are you a PSN + subscriber? If not, I suggest you go for it, some good stuff to be had for free for the Vita like Uncharted! Tap-a-hoe
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    Should Sony leave the handhelds to Nintendo?

    I was happy with my PSP when I had it and can't wait to play the vita when it arrives. I think if Sony lower the price on the console & accessories, things will pick up...
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    Sony Launches PlayStation Vita Sale To Celebrate Console's First Birthday...

    Source Here’s the full list of deals: A-men Was €9.99/£7.99, now €7.49/£5.99 Additional 10% off for PS Plus members (Not available in Australia, New Zealand) Army Corps of Hell Was €39.99/£34.99, now €19.99/£15.99 Additional 10% off for PS Plus members Asphalt Injection Was...
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    Should I be in a rush to join the Vita owners?

    Isn't there supposed to be a price cut sometime this year?
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    Famitsu: 64% of Gamers plan to buy Vita this year

    I am actually contemplating getting one sometime soon. Tap-a-hoe
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    3DS outsells Vita 47-1 in Japan - Sony, take action now

    Plus don't you have to buy a Vita specific memory card? Tap-a-hoe
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    3DS outsells Vita 47-1 in Japan - Sony, take action now

    A price cut would be good, I'd be more inclined to buy one then. Tap-a-hoe
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    Driver Made To Wear Idiot Sign As Punishment... SOURCE
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    Evil Dead Red Band Trailer...

    Don't think there will be humor in this one...
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    New Fall Update, Your Thoughts...

    Just downloaded the new fall update on the 360, played around with the IE app and so far seems to work pretty good, haven't had much time on it though but it reminded me of the days of surfing the net on your TV with the dreamcast. There are a lot more tiles in each section than before though...
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    Sons Of Anarchy Season 5....

    So I just watched the first three episodes of the new season, a lot of shit going down so far! Word is we got SOA for another two seasons!! 8-)