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    "Sony NGP features dropped to keep handheld affordable"

    reasonable to the price of hardware components comes down
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    Rumour: PSP2 Priced at $299

    someone pays that much for unlimited data??!! god...i thought Verizon was bending me over
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    Rumour: PSP2 Priced at $299

    agree...was hoping for $249...but i do think its reasonable at $299...
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    NGP (PSP2) vs. PSPhone

    Have you actually done any research to back up your claims? If you had you would know that early concepts of the "PSP2" were using a very PSPGo form factor...but they couldn't keep it from.overheating... So it would likely need to be just as big... Sent from my DROIDX using Tapatalk
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    NGP (PSP2) vs. PSPhone

    there really isn't much of a comparison to be made here... - On the hardware front the NGP blows the Phone out of the water...not even in the same galaxy... - The phone simply cannot, and will never match the gaming capabilities of the NGP.. - The NGP will never have added phone...
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    New NGP details emerge at private event

    i can totally see that being the least on the GPU side of things...the PS3 struggles to do anything spectacular at full 1080p...
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    Time to renew...

    Anyone know of a place running a good deal on 12-month Gold subs right now??...ive been slacking on keeping up with the deals...
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    Need to vent...

    Grr...10 laps left in the Indy 500 endurance race....BAM power goes out... Grrr.... Sent from Droid X running Liberty 1.0
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    CVG: "Uncharted 2 almost didn't 'fit' on PS3."

    Little write up after talking to ND about Uncharted 3, and a little tidbit about Uncharted 2...just a few weeks before the release of Uncharted 2 they were struggling to even fit the game into the PS3's memory... i particularly liked this one... "If anyone on the team makes a face like, 'Oh...
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    IGN's Hillary Goldstein: Why I switched to the PS3

    Thought it was an interesting read coming from the guy who used to run the 360 side of the site... I think this should start to get rid of some of the idea that IGN as a site hates the PS3...when the former head of the xbox side of the site, and one of he current big wigs comes out and flat...
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    Forza 4 announcement! **** YEAH!

    can't wait to hear more about it!...perfect timing too! fall will probably be when i grow tired of GT5...and ill be able to jump right into F4!...BOOYAH!
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    Anyone do the NASCAR Championship yet?

    lvl 21 race in extreme events???... Gotbto be the most pathetic excuse for AI in the history of driving games...anyone wondering why PD was not given the rights to a full fledged NASCAR game just needs to try this race to have your questions answered....they couldnlt pull it off... Sent from...
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    Metfanant's GT5 Thread

    Will be updating this post as regularly as I can. I'm working on a lengthy review/comparison to FM3 that i will post here...but i will also put all sorts of other stuff like keeping track of my progress in the game....picture mode stuff....garage etc... Review/Comparison - Coming Soon...
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    Finally got my wheel!!!

    So im having to relearn how to drive fast again but it is just so much better!!!... I got the Logitech Driving Force GT and I just love it so far!...was leaning towards a Fanatec wheel for awhile because you can et the one that works with he PS3 and 360...but the price on this DFGT...
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    3rd patch scheduled for December 1st?

    supposedly, in addition to the online patch that is coming Saturday to improve the online experience, we will additionally be getting a patch on the 1st of December that will improve the overall performance of the game. It is supposed to solve the frame rate issues, as well as unlock the damage...
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    Just wanted to make a comment about the Standard cars

    Anyone who is limiting themselves to trying to play this entire game without using a standard car and sticking strictly to premiums is just plain missing out!... quite a few of the standards actually look quite good and im having a blast constantly checking for "new" used cars as they appear...
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    New Info/ Photomode pics Lambo/Focus Rally +Damage

    Courtesy of GTPlanet users.... Images (courtesy of GTPlanet user Szmissz) Info from PAL retail Copy (courtesy of GTPlanet user amar212)
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    Standard cars nearly uncustomizable (cosmetically)?

    We already have confirmation that the wheels cannot be changed on standard cars, now we are hearing that visual modifications to the standard cars are out as well... I was ok with this idea because i figured the old "racing modifications" would be back, but i've heard rumors that they are...
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    anyone else enjoying the crap out of messing with the computer??

    trying to figure out other people's passwords and looking at all the files and emails stored on the computer is fun as hell!!
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    Eurogamer analyzes KZ3's controller lag