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  1. Lefein

    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    Oh hai der.
  2. Lefein

    Has anyone tried the store demo, yet?

    Just wanted to gauge people's reactions to finally getting to try the real thing. Did it live up to your expectations, exceed them, or fall short?
  3. Lefein

    Dec. 6-19, Battlefront PS4 and Drake Collection Bundle for $299

    Just in time for the PS Experience event and the Episode VII marketing to be at maximum swing. Damn good deal, if you haven't already got yours!
  4. Lefein

    Yu Suzuki teases SHENMUE today on Twitter!

    Going to put this here for now since platforms are not announced. All I have to say is:
  5. Lefein

    Square-Enix teases a B-B-B-B-B-BOMBshell

    You get a +1 internets if you can figure out the song they are remixing without using the spoiler tag below Absolutely 0 craps given if it's a multiplat. Holy Gods above a proper sequel has been LONG needed. It's like Square-Enix likes us again or...
  6. Lefein

    Capcom Rep: Street Fighter V will not ever be on Brand X system in any form Street Fighter V is PS4/PC Exclusive. From now until the sun goes red giant and vaporizes the planet Earth. No asterisk mark needed.
  7. Lefein

    Sony E3: Livestreams, Events, Booth Lineup Gettin' to be about Go Time, I reckon ;)
  8. Lefein

    Expect a lot of Morpheus I'm also hear that you should not be surprised to hear a $400 pricetag being announced for it, but whether that's for the full kit or just the helmet I'm not entirely sure. Considering the specs for a machine to run Oculus Rift, that's not...
  9. Lefein

    Yamauchi on GT7 in 2017? "People will not wait so much." Oh yes. Oh very very yessy yes. Ladies, and gentlemen, do start your engines.
  10. Lefein

    We Have It On Good Authority that The Last Guardian...

    Will be at E3 this year. Ladies and gentlemen, please head to your nearest fallout shelter. This is not a drill.
  11. Lefein

    IBTimes: Sony is ready for E3 2015! That price cut would be amazing. If that rumor turns out to be true, the Vita may be in for a comeback as well![/FONT][/COLOR]
  12. Lefein

    Confirmed: Pictures surface of Logitech G29! Lookin good! E3 is gonna be on fire this year :)
  13. Lefein

    Rumor: GT7 to be at E3, may support Morpheus!

    Lots of juicy stuff here for my fellow Gran Turismo fanatics. The rumor mill is a-turnin
  14. Lefein

    2015 to see "Aggressive investment" in Playstation business.

    More first party games and other games. New unannounced hardware to be revealed. Massive expansion of PSN services. Double-digit growth over 2014 in underwritten investment for the PS4 in the new fiscal year. BIG stuff coming...
  15. Lefein

    Gundam Wing beta surprise announcement (JPN)

    Earlier today, a beta client for the Gundam Battle Operation NEXT game dropped on Japan's PSN for PS3 and the PS4! The beta will be open until May 3rd, so for those of you with a Japanese account, jump on it!
  16. Lefein

    PS4 Architecture Naughty Dog SINFO Analysis & Technical Breakdown

    Far too long to properly quote. It's actually very exhaustive and goes on to debunk some common theories about latency gaps between the GDDR5 and standard DDR3 in terms of CPU access. It is clear that the APU is Volcanic Island generation in architecture. It also explains how HUMA works in the...
  17. Lefein

    Titanfall 2 announced for PS4

    I do believe I predicted this happening. It's time for the PS4 to get a titan dropped on it!
  18. Lefein

    [Update: SaGa 2015] Square Enix to reveal new console RPG in December It's a Vita game. A nice return for SaGa Frontier, though :)
  19. Lefein

    Ralph Baer, Father of the Home Console, Passed Away.

    You sparked a revolution that would become bigger than Hollywood. Thank you for so many hours of joy, laughter, tears and fun challenges. You made the world a lot more fun place to be. Game in Paradise.
  20. Lefein

    Playstation Experience full schedule (1:30 long keynote) Here are the Twitch Livestream schedules: TWITCH LIVESTREAM SCHEDULE Saturday, December 6th All times are in Pacific Time 10:00am PlayStation Experience keynote 11:30am Dying Light live gameplay 12:00pm Destiny: The Dark Below gameplay 12:30pm Virtual Reality: A...