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    NOW whos getting one on day one?

    base model day 1 or as as soon as possible after. would get the 3G one but i use verizon. soooo yeah no point.
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    sig, maybe avy

    new sig to the max for subs (it's different right?) theme is pirates not pirates of the carribean but a little influence from there is fine not fruity pirates, manly pirate darker grittier (think KZ2 color scheme) possibly an avvy to match. though i'm fine flying my jolly roger for now. wtf do...
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    help remembering somehting

    okay so when i was a kid i played this game one sega genisis. it involved a blue robot (not megaman) that was followed around by a blue motorcycle thing that you could jump on and ride. it was a side scrolling shooter type. if anybody has any idea what this could be please let me know.
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    still alive

    just in case anyone remembers me i'm still alive. i'm still in afghanistan and will be for awhile. i see the forum got completely reworked. kind of hard to figure out now. anywho just a line to let some people who might know me know that i'm still kickin
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    issue loading a game

    i put this in the games section mainly because it's just one game so i don't think it's a console issue. ok so i try to play metal gear solid 4 the other day. put the game in the ps3 sees it's in there and i select to play it. going through the company logo screens (dolby digital kojima konami...
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    sig and avy for rep and SP

    i wasn't able to find a render because ...well i forget places to look for them but anywho. looking for an sub sized sig and an avatar to match. the theme will be of the band pantera. if i get the submissions i'll choose by friday. many thanks in advance
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    funny request titles are hard to come up with

    ok so i've been goone for like 5 months and have just recently gotten the chance to really get back into the forum. so i'm thinking of an i have returned theme. don't care what it looks like or what you put into it. you're the creative folks i'm just the guy with the SP. oh yes it will be givin.
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    sig and avy request

    want a new sig and avy my suggested theme is something dark. like grim reaper, death, skulls sort of dark. though if you think you can do something better with a different theme i'll consider it. also you can use united states marine corps as a fall back idea. last time people wanted to...
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    new sig please! rep to all, 5k SP to winner

    as much as i love the sig spider made for me i'm looking for bigger (subscriber size) and sexier. the only restriction i give to you is make it about the united states marine corps. rep to all who provide and hmmm, we'll say 5k SP to the winner
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    hovering murderbot

    a real life hovering killing machine. phear the machine
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    secret santa's hand out cash

    looks like some people actually can act nice
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    diary of a cat

    due to the recent increase of cat realated news/videos/pictures i've decided to post this. i'm hoping that people here will have some fun and add to it. DAY 752 - My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre dangling objects. They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while I am forced to eat dry...
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    FREE LBP beta code

    since it's endind on sunday i'm not gonna ask for a gameshare or SP or anything simply tell me why you think you deserve the code. best argument wins (no flaming other people or even trying to put down another post or else you get the fail lable)
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    project abraham e-mail

    i received an email today thought it was spam since it was from recruiteter and titles T-E-L-E-C-R-R-E-S-P-O-N-D-A-N-C-E. opened it up and read it had to do with project abraham. inside it said did anyone else get this? or have an idea what it might mean?
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    weird noise during [email protected]

    for some reason my ps3 makes a high pitch sound whenever it's folding, it dosen't do it during games as far as i can tell. i put it down horizontally and the sound does become quiter but it's still there. i tried finding out where it came from and found it comes from the back of the unit in...