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    Rlod, doubts

    Well, today after coming home from work, I decided to have a couple of rounds of BF and after 5 min the PS3 frozen on me and then it went blank, and the red light kept flashing, yes...the Rlod. So, I've decided to get a 320 slim. My question is, will I have a problem linking my account to the...
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    Which game is better? Batman AC or U3?

    I'm making this poll because I think Arkham City is one of the best looking games ever made, the plot, the fighting, the general atmosphere...absolutely top notch and incredible. Now, U3 isn't the opposite. I can't comment on U3 yet, since I'm playing BF3 and can't stop right now, but I...
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    Arkham City what to do problem

    Today, early in the morning, I wake up, took a shower and before leaving to work, I found a package on the table. I opened it, and inside there was a copy of Arkham City and a note from my wife, because today it's been 14 years since we met. She was sleeping, so I left the game with my game...
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    BF3 Beta: Thoughts and What to expect from the final version

    Like always, when a BF Beta is released, I stop playing every other game I'm playing (Driver: San Francisco and Team ICO HD Collection) and I only play the Beta. I pretty much did the same thing with the BC2 Beta (Arica map), on which I spent nearly a hundred hours. And I will probably be...
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    Dice Just Ruined it for me!

    Why? They just ruined BF for me. They took the LMG's from the medics. Now, if you want to use a LMG you must use the Support class, while the Assault (medic) gets assault riffles. The M60 always was my favorite weapon, and now I must play support to use it. Oh, well.
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    Welcome Back Freebies announced by Sony after Fw 3.72 Fucki** things up

    Sony has announced that they will be giving 2 three years old games for free in order to apologize for all the inconveniences produced by fw 3.72. All the people getting 8002A548 and other different codes, will be recieving these free games when they get a solution some time next year. Stay...
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    U3 is coming out at the same time than BF3 and MW3

    Why in hell can't publishers think about this? Uncharted 3 is coming out Nov 1, just in the middle of BF3, Oct 25, and MW3, Nov 8. I'll be getting BF3, and by the time U3 is out, I'll be totally spending my whole gaming time with BF3. It's not fair. We wait years for games like these, and...
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    What can we expect, this side of the Atlantic, from WKC2?

    Ok, WKC2 was delayed, not once but twice, for the US. Europe got it like 2 months ago. So, being the release date now Sept, 13rd, I'd like to know the opinion of those who played the game, improvements, disappointments, everything you guys think about this highly anticipated game.
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    inFamous 2 and another proof of PS3 exclusives being the elite of gaming

    I just platinumed inFamous 2, after 3 playthroughs, and I must say this is the best game of this year so far, even better than KZ3, which is my second option. inFamous 2 is an amazing game in every department. It has everything. Story, graphics, replay value, it has quality written all over...
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    Is Vita in Trouble?

    A Ford Fiesta looks nice but it's cheaper than a Ferrari, and Ferrari still sells a lot of cars. Different hardware. A Vita for $249 is cheaper than the $100 you pay for the 3DS IMO.
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    Why was WKC2 delayed again?

    I was hoping to get my hands on WKC2 next week, when I found out that the new US release date is Sept 13. What's the deal with all these delays when the game's been out in Europe for a couple of months now?
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    Why didn't Sony put more memory for the PS3?

    After more than 4 years into this gen, it seems to me that the PS3 should have come with more memory. Why did Sony make such a great machine with that kind of limitation? Was it just because of costs? I can't think that's the reason. A lot of multiplatform games perform better in the X360...
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    Today RPG's: Western or Japanese? Or none?

    I know this was debated before, but I just wanted to know, via a poll of course, what you guys think. I really like the genre, played a lot of RPG's since I had the C64, and tbh the ones I liked the best were western RPG's. My favorite RPG of all time, is an MMORPG, and it's Ultima Online...
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    Which one out of these situations would you support?

    Right now we have a standard price of $60 for a new game, occasionally less, but $60 is the usual price. Are you happy with what you receive when it comes to online support and performance of the servers? Do you think most games work fine online? If not, what would you like to happen? What...
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    Why do you play videogames?

    Sorry, but I didn't know whete to put this so I started the thread in the PS3 games section. Feel free to move it at your own discretion. Why do we play videogames? It may seem obvious, but it's not. Of course, we all play videogames because it's fun. But that's not just it. There's more...
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    Will Vita be the ultimate gaming device of this generation?

    I really love the PS3, but after watching and reading all about Vita, I must say the PS Vita will be the ultimate gaming device of this gen. All that power, features and great graphics packed in that little device for just $250 is too good to say no. I'm happy it isn't a phone. It does what...
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    PS Vita Specs (at least the first ones)

    I was looking forward to NGP's specs, butr we just got to see the beast and to know the price. But I found this article on specs. Just a question, will PSP games work on the Vita?
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    E3 2011 Schedule and Live Stream

    I thought this could be interesting to know the times of each event. All times are PDT. MONDAY 6TH: 9:30 AM - MICROSOFT PRESS CONFERENCE 12:20 PM - EA PRESS CONFERENCE 3:00 PM - UBISOFT PRESS CONFERENCE 5:00 PM - SONY PRESS CONFERENCE (THIS EVENT CAN BE SEEN LIVE FROM WITHIN PS HOME) TUESDAY...
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    Online Pass/Code: Do you agree?

    We had this argument or debate with Fear in the Dirt 3 thread, and I thought it would be interesting to know what you guys think. Do you like this new trend of games that come with a pass or code to play online? Fear argued this was a move by gaming companies and that he isn't getting any...
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    Rate Dirt 3 (only if you own the game)

    The title says it all, rate Dirt 3 and help people on the fence or still undecided. I'll be getting my copy after work this afternoon, so I'll let you know my thoughts on this title. Feel free to post your own mini review.