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    UE4 Kite Demo showcasing next gen potential Higher bitrate download: Making of Q&A: For those wondering, this was running @ 30fps on the newly announced Titan X (12GB, 8 billion...
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    Potential buyer, need input

    So I've been meaning to buy this game but I was waiting for AC Unity. Now with the whole parity fiasco I have decided that maybe I should wait and see how the ps4 version of AC pans out. In the mean time Destiny's price has dropped $20 so it is quite enticing. My questions are: 1) Are there...
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    When can we realistically expect the reveal of...

    Rockstar's next BIG game (Red Dead or new Bully or the illusive Agent)? This E3? Somehow I feel rockstar wont be there
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    Stig Asmussen Leaves Sony Santa Monica (GOW2+3 director)

    Something is up in SSM and I dont like it
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    VGleaks Infamous SS Tech Details

    3 times kratos's (GOW3 version) ploys on delsin's head. Much wow beanie is more polys than ps2 kratos lol (he was 5000)
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    Dumbfounded at the IQ of Infamous SS

    So clean and sharp, and just to make it clear these aren't PR bullshots. Gaf members with early copies are uploading these pics
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    Naughty Dog Lead Programmer reveals 5GB and 6 cores for games on PS4 (56min video)
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    Sony announces next-gen 1TB Blu-ray disc HOLY CRAP!
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    Titanfall Launches at 792p, looking at 1080p no AA vs 900p FXAA

    Scrapping 2xMSAA to use FXAA will certainly allow the jump to 900p. I say go for it. Between 1080p no AA and 900p FXAA upscaled, the latter will eliminate A LOT more jagged edges (due to upscale blur added to the AA)
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    Watch_Dogs downgrade confirmed?

    5 months extra dev time too. wow Fingers crossed its ps3/360 vs current but for a game that is hitting 6 platforms (5 for now) I can totally see this happening.
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    [RUMOUR] Dishonored II teaser image leaked 3 months early

    Dishonored was the first game I ever paid $60 for. Stoked This is the world map of dishonored First game was in gristol. Seems we are moving in to tyvia but I wanted it to go the 'mainland' of the pandessian continent especially after all the 'mysteries' and strange creatures hinted there...
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    The Order 1886 characters are over 100k polygons

    I calculate half of those are for the moustaches As a reference, Uncharted 2 Nathan Drake was 37k
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    New Deep Down Battle Footage! Crappy quality but beggars can't be choosers. This game has a water deer and an eye skewered on a spear! Day 1
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    Titanfall Beta runs at 792p 2xMSAA. "could potentially increase in final build"

    To maintain 16:9 aspect ratio it should be 1408x792. Pretty weird. Digital Foundry also mentions that the game dips below 60fps when titan are onscreen though that can be ironed out later
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    The Order 1886 runs with 4xMSAA 1920x800 (dev: 1080p no AA is cheaper but we want IQ)

    I would MUCH rather have 1920x800 with MSAA that 1080p with no AA
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    CBOAT: "Titanfall launch with 16 maps. Alpha textures are final" Respawn: lol no

    So the respawn dev lied when he said the textures were 25 percent? 16 maps are awesome though
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    Tomb Raider DE 1080p 60fps Direct Feed downloads (X1 too)

    Wanted to share Gamersyde is the ultimate place for glorious next gen videos
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    CBOAT leaks Source 2 L4D shot

    Plantation level (from L4D2) re-rendered in Source 2 with tweaked assets
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    New Driveclub footage

    Video in link gifs
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    Official PS Magazine Italy says Driveclub coming in June translate: Seems like they are teasing it but this is the closest to an official month we've heard