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    So.....PlayStation Now.....and Vita

    There's nothing wrong with them adding more features to the Vita. Many people see remote play as a bonus and could sway them to purchase a Vita where if it didn't have remote play, maybe they wouldn't buy it. Remote play for me is one of the main reasons I bought a Vita.
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    So.....PlayStation Now.....and Vita

    It should increase the sales by a decent amount I would imagine. The vita is looking better and better with remote play and playstation now.
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    Hurricane Isaac

    Anyone other then myself going to be affected by it?
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    vita is awseome

    I would absolutely pick up a vita if it gets a decent price cut or an awesome bundle. Those memory card prices though :lol:
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    Sony to focus on Vita bundles not a price drop

    Awesome, I'll probably pre-order this.
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    Sony to focus on Vita bundles not a price drop

    The new assassin's creed with a memory card for $250 would be awesome.
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    Sony to focus on Vita bundles not a price drop

    If they bring out the right bundle I'd get one instantly.
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    Sony to focus on Vita bundles not a price drop

    Once more games start coming out the sales should pick up even at a $250 price point.
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    Want a free PS Vita? All you have to do is buy a Toyota Scion iQ

    It's not a bad deal if you were going to buy that specific car anyway.
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    PlayStation Vita gets updated 3G data plan, offers an extra gigabyte for a Lincoln

    The data price is not worth it at all considering you probably can't even play online with it anyway.
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    Latest BF3 Trailer
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    Next Medal of Honor being made
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    PlayStation Vita game cases!

    Yeah it does look nice but it costs more then if it would be smaller.
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    UFC Trainer dev: PS Vita "a car wreck"

    I'll take the Vita with all those great looking games over smart phone games anyday.
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    What the PlayStation Vita could have looked like?

    Looks like they were trying to follow the Go's design. The real Vita looks alot better imo.
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    Is Vita in Trouble?

    I'll be buying the Vita no matter what these "analysts" say.
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    Your most excited feature of the PSVita

    For me the specs and dual sticks.
  18. R release date

    This is the date I've been seeing but hopefully it comes sooner.