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  1. MjW

    Official "I Won't Be Around For A While" Topic

    There are always leadership problems. I'm with Tidal here and I think people just moved on. It is hardly the first and it is not going to be the last forum to reach high and then decline. The same happened to back in the day, which was what led me to PSU. I'm just happy that I...
  2. MjW

    Sony Is Not Attending E3 In 2019

    You never know with these guys. I mean who would have expected the XB360 successor to go all TV, TV, TV on our arses in 2013.
  3. MjW

    Microsoft acquires Obsidian and inXile

    I hope Wasteland 3 wont suffer from this.
  4. MjW

    The Official "Show your recent purchases" Thread

    I noticed someone was cleaning house yesterday and selling dozens of PS3/PS4 games. I found this, sealed for 700kr ($85, €70).
  5. MjW

    Metal Gear Survive controversy thread (Did the game survive PSU? Read the review!)

    I liked the Kojima Production FOREVER easter egg. :p
  6. MjW

    FW 5.5 beta trial codes

  7. MjW

    FW 5.5 beta trial codes

    Kids are so gonna hate this FW! lol
  8. MjW

    FW 5.5 beta trial codes

    Yes, I should have mentioned too that the codes are EU. It didn't work for Hedon who is in the US.
  9. MjW

    FW 5.5 beta trial codes

    ? Sent ?
  10. MjW

    FW 5.5 beta trial codes

    I got two FW 5.5 beta trial codes. First come first serve :)
  11. MjW

    Top 10 best selling PSN games in US/EU

    I wasn't being serious of course. :)
  12. MjW

    Top 10 best selling PSN games in US/EU

    Look at GTAV going. There will never be a GTA6.
  13. MjW

    The best PS4 theme ever!!!!!!!!

    Nice theme, though I’d prefer it if it was Rapture only. Even better if it was a Christmas Rapture theme! A destroyed Christmas tree there, some stepped on presents here, and an old gramophone playing deck the halls on loop. ?
  14. MjW

    Anyone get these PS4 gifts from Sony for the Holidays

    I’m all for freebies but it would be nice if it was available for purchase for people that did not get it for free. I haven’t had a good Christmas theme since the PS3 era. Checked said theme on YouTube, it was ok, a bit too bright. Just bought a Slide N’ Go Christmas theme. No idea what game...
  15. MjW

    Best app for forums

    Seeing how good the mobile version is, I’d be happy with just tapatalk support and the mobile version. If there are money to spare a PSU app would be nice, with auto-saving posts while writing, in case the app crashes or the phone runs out of RAM when you switch to an other app. Maybe further...
  16. MjW


    I switched to the white one too. I’d like to try a true black one to see how it looks on an OLED display but it’s just curiosity. I’ve always preferred lighter themes. This mobile forum is fantastic though. One of the best I’ve used. ?
  17. MjW

    Anyone get these PS4 gifts from Sony for the Holidays

    Can we buy the Christmas theme?
  18. MjW


    Nice one guys!
  19. MjW

    Thinking of subscribing to PS+ again

    They have a sale on the store, 15 months for the price of 12. And with the incoming price hike, I'm thinking about grabbing the chance. I'll use it mostly on the PS4, maybe online with the new pirate game from ubisoft -if it's any good-, I might download some stuff on the vita but will probably...
  20. MjW

    Qwertee buy 1 get 1 free discount code up for grabs

    Got one discount code by mail but I'm stuffed with t-shirts right now, if someone wants it just ask. It's valid until the 25th. Only requirement is to have been a member here for at least 3 months. Copy paste from the mail: